Berry Mix

Ivan and I went to Isla for dinner at Treasure Island on May 23rd. We started off with the Chipotle Adobo Guacamole. It has pumpkin seeds in the guacamole. It’s pretty tasty. We each got a Margarita. Ivan got the Strawberry Margarita on the rocks while I had a blended Raspberry. My drink was smooth and delicious. Ivan got his favorite dish at Isla the Chicken Breast Mole Poblano. I got the Roast Pork Pipian. My dish was alright. Ivan enjoyed his dish. We were thinking of getting dessert. But, then Ivan said he was too stuffed to eat anymore.

We went to go see Mac King for the second time at Harrah’s on May 24th. He’s a great magician. I am still amazed at how he makes goldfish appear out of nowhere. He’s very funny and entertaining. He does a lot of tricks like cutting a rope and card tricks. It’s a great afternoon show and cheap.

Ivan and me at CatHouse
Ivan and me at CatHouse

Ivan and I went to eat at CatHouse at The Luxor for dinner. We got the best seat in the house. It was a booth with the closest view to the one-way mirror that contains a girl in lingerie getting ready for the night. We started off with our favorite starter the Fromage Fondue. It was delicious as usual! We had the Mini Crab cakes next. It’s three petite crab cakes with a nice sauce on top. We had some drinks. We had the Pear Martini and the best drink on the menu, the Multiple Orgasm. For the main course we shared the Brick Roasted Organic Chicken. This is a big dish with two pieces of chicken on top of farro. It was really good. We decided to get dessert. We didn’t go with our usual the always tasty Red Velvet Cake. We tried the Creme Brulee with Berries. It was really good and light. It was a great dinner at my favorite restaurant in town. The only thing that irked us.. was that the waitress added a service charge onto the bill. Ivan asked about this and she said that it was so we wouldn’t have to figure out the tip. Of course, it was 20%. What a load of crap! Ivan was mad because it was her telling him what to tip. That’s just rude.
We walked to the Caesars Palace from The Luxor. We were both a little tired.
We went to go catch Dane Cook at the Coliseum at Caesars Palace. We were a little early but decided to sit down. We each got a fruity drink. There was a host who told some jokes. He was alright. There was an opening comedian. I can’t recall his name at all. He was good. Then Dane Cook came on. He was funny, but not amazing. Ivan was so tired, he didn’t get to enjoy the show. I think I enjoyed him better the last time we saw him at the Mandalay Bay Events Center last year.

Ivan and I went to Tao Beach on May 25th to see Bad Boy Bill. But it was packed, so we couldn’t get in. We decided to chill by the Venetian pool instead. We could still hear the loud music plus it wasn’t crowded. Ivan went to get a snack for us. We shared a BBQ Chicken wrap. He also ordered some fruity smoothies.
That night, we headed to Tao for dinner. We got the Lobster Dumplings and the Stuffed Shrimp for appetizers. Both dishes were good, but the Stuffed Shrimp were just heavenly. We shared the main course the Salmon with Udon Noodles. We also got a side of Eggplant. The eggplant is so soft and has a great sauce. The salmon was very good. It was a great meal. When you eat at Tao, they stamp you and this gives you a line pass to the club. It means that you get to go in the smaller line to gain access to the nightclub. We asked to get stamped. Since we had just come from the pool, we were in casual clothes. The guy said we couldn’t be stamped now because we weren’t in dress code. Ivan brought up that this was stupid.. because we were going to head home to change and them come back to the club later. Of course, they wouldn’t let us into the club anyway wearing a t-shirt and jeans. But, it was alright since we were able to come back later with the receipt and get stamped before we headed to the nightclub.
We stopped by the V bar inside the Venetian. Unfortunately, there was a DJ event at V bar so they were charging a cover. We went to the bar at David Burke. We had a few different drinks. They were quite tasty. We headed back to the nightclub Tao to see Erick Morillo. It was crowded. They had a DJ on.. he was okay. We were just waiting for Erick Morillo to come on. He finally come out at 1:40 am. We stayed to dance for about 30 minutes. Ivan was tired and wanted to head home. It was definitely a good night with great food, drinks and dancing.

We went to the Wet Republic pool at the MGM Grand in the afternoon on May 26th. We ordered some food. Ivan got the Lobster Wrap. I got the Grilled Chicken Panini. Each dish comes with potato chips with assorted nuts. We also shared the fruit bowl with frozen yogurt. My sandwich was decent. The different fruits were pretty good. DJ Jazzy Jeff played a set. He was good, but played too much r&b for me. We swam a little and chilled on these green chairs that are in the shallow part of the pool. Roger Sanchez finally came on at 4 pm. We only stayed 15 minutes of Roger’s set. We had to go across town for a BBQ.
Ivan and I headed to my sister’s house for a Memorial Day BBQ with my whole family. We brought some Asian Veggie burgers and had those with bagels. I also had some chicken bbq, steak, salad mixed with cranberries and walnuts, and noodles. We played with the kids outside playing soccer. Then all the kids went out front to ride bikes. My nieces also had a battery powered Barbie jeep. Anissa was driving around in the jeep with Maria in the passenger seat. My brother was flying his remote-controlled airplane. We were playing the Wii. I love the tennis game. We also played boxing. It hurts a lot! Ivan enjoyed playing Dance Dance Revolution. He played Battle Mode with my sister-in-law Kara. They also had the Wii Fit. Games like Hula Hooping, Ski Jump, Heading Soccer Balls, Ski Slalom, Table Tilt and Tightrope were played. Ivan beat my brother’s high score at Hula Hooping with a score of 283 spins. I had fun spending time with my family and playing the Wii. My arms were definitely sore the next day from playing tennis, bowling and boxing.

We went with the Australian couchsurfers (Hannah and Andrew) to go see the show Folies Bergere at the Tropicana on May 27th. This is a classic showgirls show that has been running in Las Vegas for 50 years. It’s a topless show that has many girls with big feathers and dazzling costumes. The show showcases the different styles of women from the 1850’s up to present day. I didn’t think the girls were that good-looking. Their boobies were small in size.. but I guess it’s better to be perky and small in a topless show. Of course, the bigger boobs were fake. I enjoyed the Can-Can at the end.. it was a lot of fun. This was the first showgirls show I’ve ever seen. It’s a good entertaining show.
We watched one Bellagio fountain show. Then Ivan decided that we walk across the street to eat at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris. Ivan ordered the French Onion Soup. It was a big cup of soup with delicious gruyere cheese on top. We shared the Crab Cake & Gribiche Sauce. It was good. We shared the main course of Fennel & Pepper Seared Ahi Tuna Salad. I really liked the salad. I didn’t eat much of the tuna. .


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