Tunage >> random and obscure

I saw Muxtape on Sarah Lane’s Tumblelog. The site lets you create a mixtape online with up to 12 MP3s that you upload. I decided to sign up and start uploading some kewl songs. Here’s my first Mux. I went with a bunch of random and obscure songs to showcase. I explain why I like the songs below. Hope you enjoy the songs!

Tunage explained

Underworld – Something Like A Mama >> This song always seems to get stuck in my mind. It’s a lot slower than most of their songs, but it’s very catchy and dancy. This song is on the great album Beaucoup Fish.

The Cure – Catch >> This is a simple song by The Cure. It’s mellow and sweet.

Clan of Xymox – At the End of the Day >> This is from the band’s less gothic album Phoenix. I find it really romantic. It just shows how a person can affect us.

Aphex Twin – Bucephalus bouncing Ball >> This is an instrumental song. Aphex Twin is known for experimental electronic music. This song sounds like a ball that bounces around. Pretty kewl!

Faustina – Crazy Bitch >> Faustina is a now defunct band of three girls from New Hampshire (if I remember correctly). I found this song on MP3.com years ago. This is just a silly song. I love the lead singer’s beautiful voice.

The Smashing Pumpkins – Daydream >> This is one of the songs from their debut album Gish. It’s a beautiful, ethereal song sung by D’Arcy. At the end, there’s a short pause and then an extra part with Billy Corgan singing.

The Shamen – L.S.I.: Love Sex Intelligence >> This is a great dance song.

Postal Service – Angel Pumping Gas >> This is a cute song where a guy falls in love with a girl at the gas station.

The Beatles – Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! >> The first time I heard this song was at the Cirque du Soleil show Love at The Mirage. It reminds me of a crazy circus. It’s a fun song.

808 State – Fahita >> This was an exclusive download from Amazon. It’s an instrumental song. I love this song for it’s awesome beats. The main part reminds me of something I’ve heard before.. but I still can’t recall what.


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