Promises, Promises

Ivan and I went to Company American Bistro at The Luxor on May 28th. The manager and the hostess promised that it would be no more than 20 minutes for a table. It was slow in the restaurant but it seemed that they were short on help. We went to the lounge area to sit and checked out the menu. Ivan went to the bar to order us drinks. He wanted this Banana drink but they ran out of bananas. I had the Company Perk and Ivan got the Pomegranate Martini. The bartender, Jade made the wrong drink. Ivan told her this and she said sorry and made the right one. Then she handed us the bill. Ivan noticed that there was sales tax on the check. He complained to the bartender. She said I don’t know, I just typed it in. The receipt even says on the bottom that Sales Tax is Included on Alcoholic Beverages. She tried to argue about this. Then she told the manager that Ivan didn’t understand the bill. He told the manager and he fixed it. I don’t know if the bartender was just stupid or trying to get a bigger tip out of it. She got no tip for making the wrong drink and not putting the right amount on the bill. We kept waiting 10 minutes for the table. Ivan went to ask about the status of the table. They said it would be even longer. Ivan said why did you promise me that it would be no less than 20 minutes if that wasn’t the case? The manager (the one who fixed the drink price at the bar) said that she would never promise something. So, right there he was caught in a lie.. coz he promised earlier that we would be seated in 20 minutes or less. If he said you might be seated in 20 minutes, that would have been acceptable. But, when you promise something and then it doesn’t come true.. I think there’s need for an apology. But, nooo the manager picked up the phone and called Security saying that Ivan was irate and making a big scene. He said to Ivan Well now it’s going to be 30 minutes wait. I don’t know but he might have been mad since we stiffed the waitress out of her tip. Well, it’s her own fault for being greedy or maybe just plain dumb. Three Security Guards came. Ivan talked to them. The guy he talked to understood.. and really didn’t care. We left there.. hungry and annoyed. We walked to Mandalay Bay to find something to eat.
We ended up going to eat at Mix at TheHotel in Mandalay Bay. This was our second visit to this cool restaurant. It’s a lounge and restaurant on the 64th floor. In the restaurant part, there’s this big glass sculpture that spans a huge big area in the middle of the dining room. It’s really cool looking. We ordered the Spicy Crab Salad for the appetizer. It’s a cold salad with mango, cucumber and papaya. It was a good mixture of flavors. Next, we shared the Free Range Chicken. It came with two portions of chicken on top of farro and some great sauce. It was so delicious! I wish that it came with more farro and the sauce. It never seems to be enough when you get a chicken dish. We ordered two desserts.

creamy dessert
Almond & Mixed Berry Napoleon

We had the Almond and Mixed Berry Napoleon and the Strawberry Composition “Frasier”. Wow, they were both delicious and creamy. I really enjoyed the Napoleon.

tasty little dessert
Strawberry Composition “Frasier”

They also brought over hazelnut in a small cup with fresh out of the oven little pastries. It was really tasty as well. This was an awesome meal.

dinner at Mix
Ivan and me at the restaurant Mix

After dinner, we wanted to have a drink at the balcony. It has an amazing view of the Las Vegas Strip. The area with the tables was closed to bottle service only.

Las Vegas Strip view from Mix
Strip view from Mix

So, we headed downstairs. We walked to Red Square. We were thinking of getting a drink but decided not to. Red Square has some nice decorations in the restaurant. The bar is made out of ice.. well not the whole thing but the main strip at the top of the bar… where you place your drinks when you’re seated at the bar. We headed home to get some rest.

We went to go see the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on Thursday, May 29th. I really enjoyed the movie. It was interesting practically the whole time. It had a nice story and lots of action. The ending was a bit weird. It was a good movie.
We walked to Todai to have dinner. This is our favorite sushi buffet in town. It’s reasonable in price and the food is so fresh. They have tons of sushi, chicken teriyaki, shrimp tempura, noodles, crab legs, fried rice, fruit, crepes, and cute little desserts. I ate so much. It was a good dinner.


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