Here I Come!

On the night of May 30th, Ivan and I turned off all the lights and closed all the blinds in the condo. We were ready to play Hide n’ Seek in the dark. Ivan was the first to hide. I counted to 20 and then said Ready or Not, Here I come! So, I walked around and checked the closets and the bathroom in the other bedroom. I proceeded to our room. I checked the closet, but he wasn’t there. I did find him in the small closet in our room. It was my turn next to hide. I chose to hide in a medium sized cabinet in the kitchen. I really did have the advantage since I’m petite. Ivan went to look for me. He looked everywhere. He passed the kitchen thinking that I wouldn’t be small enough to hide there. He thought I had left the condo. After awhile he came to the kitchen. The first place he looked was my hiding spot. He couldn’t believe that I fit there. It was Ivan’s second time to hide. I looked around and couldn’t find him. I did hear something in the kitchen so I went to look. He was hiding near the half bathroom at the entry. He was going to sneak in the bathroom. He was hiding initially in the kitchen. So, it was my turn to hide again. I thought of a good hiding spot earlier when I was trying to find Ivan. It was a small place between the sink cabinet and the toilet in the smaller bedroom’s bathroom. Ivan looked everywhere and didn’t have a clue to where I was hiding. He even came in the bathroom and turned on the light.. but he didn’t see me. I had my back against the wall.. and I kept sliding down it. I was hoping that I wouldn’t make too much noise. Ivan looked for a long time. Finally, he said he gave up and I should come out. I came out. He couldn’t believe that I came out of the spare bedroom. He wanted to know where I hid. I showed him the small space where I was. He couldn’t believe it. He said I was too good at the game. Also, he thought that my size made more hiding spots possible for me. It was definitely fun playing Hide n’ Seek.
Ivan and I headed to Dos Caminos for a late dinner at The Palazzo. We ordered the Guacamole right away. We ordered it as a Medium Spiciness. It was good but not as good as two times ago when we went. I don’t think it was as creamy this time. We ordered two Prickly Pear Martinis. It was a lovely frozen drink. Next, we had the Cheese Fundido with Roasted Garlic, Spinach and Artichoke Hearts. This was just delicious! It comes with tortillas and you put the Cheese Fundido on the tortilla. The music was nice Mexican type music. We shared the Salmon Con Pipian Rojo for our main dish. This was a Salmon with the skin on top. On top was the Crab Flautas. The flautas were okay. I really enjoyed the salmon.. it was nice when the skin was crunchy. It reminded me of when my mom cooks salmon. The restaurant dimmed the lights and then the music changed to cool current pop and r&b music. I couldn’t seem to drink all of my drink for some reason. Ivan helped me finish it. It was a good meal. I love the decor here and the food is just awesome. It’s definitely my 2nd favorite restaurant in town.


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