Speedy Monster

Ivan and I went to the Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix on May 31st. We rode the Sprint Kart Speedway cars first. These cars were pretty fast. Ivan slowed down so I could catch up. I ended up passing him and it was hard for him to catch up. It was fun.

speeding along

We wanted to ride again. So, we headed to the Go Karts. These cars are similar, but may be a little slower. It seemed like that everybody was running into the sides or crashing into other people. When this happens, they slow down all the cars. I was trying to squeeze past a lady. I was driving right next to the side of the track. The lady was trying to turn and I think I hit hurt her car which made her car turn. It made everybody slow down and they had to put the lady’s car in the right direction. It was fun driving go karts.

We booked the Hard Rock Hotel for two nights starting on Sunday, June 1st. It’s really cool because if you’re a hotel guest, you get free entry and a line pass to their popular Rehab pool party. We asked front desk to give us a room in the new tower. The clerk told us that the room wouldn’t be ready until later on and she would call us when it was ready. We went to the pool. It was around 10 am. The pool was already filled with some people and all the chairs were taken. We did find a space on the floor right by the pool. So, we placed our towels down and then headed to the bar. They had a Rehab cup where you can get any drink inside. We got two Strawberry Daiquiris. The drinks tasted really good.

Sundays at the pool

The pool has a big pool. This area has sand at the bottom of the pool. Then there’s a long lazy river. It doesn’t have jets that pull you along it though. We just walked around in the pool. We rented a raft. We both laid down on the raft and floated around the lazy river. It was great. Rehab was crowded but not as busy as I’ve heard and seen in pictures. A lady from the hotel called to inform us that the room was ready. We went to check in. The room turned out to be a nice pool view. There must have been no new tower rooms so they upgraded us to the great view. We could hear the music and see the pool from the room.

Great view of the Pool at the Hard Rock

Today, Tiesto was playing at the pool. We didn’t get to see him on Memorial Day weekend. So, it was cool that we got to see him this weekend. It didn’t seem advertised much. We only saw it in the Las Vegas Weekly. He was great. We had a good day at the pool drinking and floating around the pool.
Ivan and I went to Origin India for the second time. It was convenient since we could just walk there. We got the Aloo Mattar Tiki for the starter. It was good. Next, we got Chicken Haryali Kebab for one of our main courses. We also got the Chicken Makhani, which is a chicken in a creamy tomato curry sauce. I like the Chicken Harylai Kebab. But, the Chicken Makhani was really good. I love curry! I got stuffed fast. It was a good dinner.

Sadly, it was Ivan’s last day in Las Vegas on June 2nd. I’m so sad to see him go. We just have the best time together. I met him at the Hard Rock pool for the Relax party. We swam around a little. The waterfall was on today. We went down the slide twice. That was fun! We just hung out in the hotel room talking and watching tv. We ordered Room Service. We were planning on heading to the casino area to get a drink. But, we were both too tired.

Ivan was leaving on June 3rd to head back to England. I didn’t want to see him leave. I was supposed to leave for work around 6:45 am. But, I couldn’t bring myself to leave. So, I was late for work. It turns out that his plane was delayed four hours. He called me from the airport and I was going to pick him up from the airport after work. He decided to take a cab to my work. We chilled at the Treasure Island pool. Then we went to go eat at Todai. We had lots of sushi. Then I took Ivan took the airport.

I came home and all my nieces and nephews were at the house on June 4th. It’s such a treat to see all of them at once. They were having a Wii party for my niece Maya since she’s getting her tonsils out on Thursday, June 5th. My parents got a Wii. We were playing tennis, bowling, Mario Cart and Mario Party 8. We had Pizza Hut for dinner. We had pizza, chicken wings and the new pasta dish. I was playing with the kids playing Hide n’ Seek. They had a game called Monster. One person is the Monster and chases everybody else. If the Monster touches you, you become a monster too. I think it’s just an excuse to run around. I was picked Monster. I touched somebody. I was going to run behind the couch and hide. Then, I would jump out and catch them. That was the plan anyway. But, I was going too fast and slipped.. I got two rug burns on my knee. I had to stop and get some band-aids. We decided to play Pirates. We pretend the big leather couch is the pirate ship. We sail the ship to a deserted island to find treasure. We scour the island looking for gold, pearls and other treasures. Then we try another island to get gold for the treasures. We can buy food with the gold. It was a fun night.


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