Sexy party

I went to the Grand Opening VIP party for the Sapphire pool at the Rio with my friend Alisa on June 6th. It’s the world’s largest topless pool. There was complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres. The drinks were beer, water, Blue Hawaiian and Long Island Iced Tea.

chillin\' at the Sapphire Pool with Alisa

Alisa and I each had a Blue Hawaii and and a Long Island Iced Tea. The drinks were so strong that it made us buzzed for almost an hour. We sat on a round bed and people watched. They had food like lamb with cous cous, little Fatburgers and small desserts like creme brulee with berries.

Dancer at the pool

There was also go-go dancers from the Sapphire gentleman’s club. There was this one lady who danced really good. We stayed for 2 hours and then got bored. I wanted to catch the Masquerade Show in the Sky. Ivan told me that they had changed it to be sexier. So, I wanted to see how different it was. The show now has girls in a short skirt and bra dancing around. They still throw beads to the visitors. I also noticed that one of the floats had a topless girl on it.

new float in the Masquerade Show in the Sky

It’s the same show, except it’s trying to be sexier now. It was a good relaxing night.


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