Spiked drinks

I started my diet on June 9th. I’ve been putting it off forever. I just love food too much! I decided to do the 1500 calorie diet again. I have The CalorieKing Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter book. They have a website. So, I can look up food calories on there. I list my calories for the day using a form I created. I’m also going to exercise doing my Denise Austin’s Hit the Spot – Pilates. I’m going to try out the Tae Bo video as well. I was going to exercise but I was so tired. I was watching the Disney channel with my niece Maya. I fell asleep. So, I didn’t get to exercise.

I went to an open bar event at RUB BBQ in the Rio with Alisa, her husband Jay and her sister on Wednesday, June 11th. Alisa wanted me to meet her sister Beazus since she’s in town this week. We got there and it was slow. I’m glad we got there early so we got seats at the bar. Spiked Lemonade was the free drink for the open bar event. The bar normally serve these drinks everyday for $2 each. The drinks were good.. not too strong though. They also gave us appetizers wings and fried pickles (ewww I don’t like pickles!).

Alisa, Beazus and me at the Rio

Everybody was hungry (except me since I ate at the mall). Jay ordered BBQ shrimp for an appetizer and a pulled pork sandwich. Alisa got the portobello mushroom sandwich with french fries and Beazus got the hot chicken wings. The food was good. I had a BBQ shrimp which was different but tasty. I had some french fries and two hot wings. Good food! We had a good time laughing and talking. We took some funny pictures in front of the big Chippendales advertisement.

Being silly in front of the Chippendales ad

I went to my eye doctor appointment on June 12th. I went to a new doctor since they have good hours and it’s very close to my work. I went right after work. I wanted to get fitted for contacts and get some new glasses. Somehow, my eyesight improved a lot in each eye. I don’t know how. My old doctor said that some of her patients experienced improved eyesight when using the Acuvue Oasys, which I use. I asked my current doctor about this. He said it may be possible to improve it, but not that much. I was thinking about seeing the Bleach Memories of Nobody movie at 7:30 pm. I was super tired so I decided not to go.

The diet isn’t going so well. I’ve been just a little down this week. I’ve been so tired, so I haven’t even exercised at all. I have been eating a lot less though. So, that’s good. I just don’t want to starve myself though. I just need some motivation. I’ve been so lazy lately.

I went to meet Alisa at her friend’s house after work on Friday, June 13th. We were going to meet at Sapporo. It was a Girl’s Night Out. It turns out all the other girls were married. Alisa doesn’t have kids but the rest have at least one child. It was Bernie and her friends Holly, Natasha and one more lady (who I forgot her name). They were very nice. The restaurant had a Happy Hour menu with sushi, appetizers and drinks on it. I ordered a Rose Pomegranate Martini. It tasted good. You can really taste the alcohol. Alisa got the Pear Martini which was sweet.

Girls Night Out at Sapporo

Everybody put what they wanted on the Happy Hour menu paper. The plan was that everybody was going to share. I picked the Chicken Lettuce Wraps. The ladies shared lots of stories about their husbands and kids. It was really funny. There was so much food ordered. We got three types of sushi – Surf n’ Turf, Philadelphia and Tootsie. There was also Coconut Shrimp, Stuffed Shrimp, Ebi Nigiri and Mongolian BBQ ribs. I tried a little bit of almost everything. It was a great night with fun, food and drinks.


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