The Joy of Dancing

My cousin Charisse wanted to meet up at Blue Martini on June 14th. We were going to meet her friends Lisa and Mao. I had previously heard about this bar since it has become a new popular spot. It’s located in the Town Square Mall. I got there a little late, but Charisse was still driving. She said that Lisa and Mao were waiting for a table at Yard House. I walked around to find an ATM. I met Charisse outside of the restaurant. We went inside to find her friends. They were already seated outside. I ordered a Kronenbourg 1664. I was trying to decide what to eat on the big menu. I finally picked the Vodka Shrimp Pasta. It was a heavenly angel hair pasta with a vodka tomato sauce. I ate the whole thing. I felt guilty afterwards though. It was so good though! Charisse got the beer sampler with six lighter beers. Yard House has the most draft beers on tap in the world. After dinner, we decided to go to Blue Martini. We got up there and there was a HUGE line to get in. I thought it was ridiculous for a bar to be THAT busy. Charisse said there was a house party at her friend’s house. Mao suggested that we head to eyecandy at the Mandalay Bay. I said that the lounge had great drinks. It’s located just down the street from the mall. We met inside the eyecandy lounge. We found a table near the front entrance. I ordered the Pure Joy cocktail. I’ve had it before. It’s so good! We talked for a little. Then, we decided to go check out the dance floor. There was a lot of people dancing. The music was a mix of hip hop, pop, and some rock. It was a silly night.

Me, Mao, Lisa and Charisse at eyecandy

Charisse and I got hit on by two brothers. One of them was so drunk.. it was just hilarious. He said to me You’re so beautiful. I just laughed at him. Why are you laughing at me? It must be because you’re so beautiful and you know it. Hahaha. I kept moving away from him to go talk to the girls. The guy who liked Charisse was actually a nice guy. He gave us some water from the bar. He danced with Charisse for a few minutes and then disappeared. There was this one guy talking to Lisa. I couldn’t hear what he said. She just ignored him and kept dancing. I asked her what he said. She said he kept saying Can I have your PIN? She said what did he take my debit card or something? Hahaha. We danced for a few hours. I had fun dancing even though the music was mostly hip hop. I’d rather dance to some great house music.


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