Sweet tour

Ivan and I headed to get fish and chips at The Rock & Sole Plaice on June 25th. It’s London’s oldest fish & chips shop. Ivan got cod while I got the haddock. My dish was really good. The fish was delicious and not greasy. The fries were crunchy. Ivan liked my haddock better. He said it tasted sweeter than the cod.
We headed to Forbidden Planet. It’s a huge store with memorabilia, and tons of manga, comics, movies and anime. I could have bought so much here. The price of the mangas were about the same as in the U.S.
We headed to St. James Park and Green Park.

The parks are great areas to relax in. Ivan bought some bread at the store.

Ivan feeding ducks at the park

We fed the birds and ducks at the park. We also saw squirrels. They didn’t like bread only nuts.
That night, we headed to Hackney to see Madness at the Hackney Empire. Ivan said they’re the quintessential London band. The theatre was quite old. Ivan bought a Fez outside the theatre.

Peope in Old Time London outfits

There were some guys and girls dressed up in old time London clothes. We were standing downstairs near the stage. The first half of the show was their new album. I didn’t find it as good as their older music. Everybody came to hear the classic stuff. I was waiting to hear Our House.

Madness playing at the Hackney Empire

The band was good. The audience got really excited when the older stuff was being played. The people started dancing and pushing. It was a good show. I only knew some of their music.

Ivan saw on TripAdvisor about the Fat Tire Bike Tour. We went to take the tour on Thursday, June 26th.

On the Bike Tour in London

We first biked down Kensington Road.

view of Kensington Palace

We stopped at many places like Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park, Green Park and St. James Park. Our tour guide David was an American. He looked similiar to David from Real World: Seattle. He was very friendly and seemed to love his job. He told us history about the different sights we saw.
We stopped at a pub for lunch. I wanted to get the Bangers & Mash (in Violet’s honor hehe)… but they didn’t have it on the menu.

Beef and Ale Pie at the pub

I had the Beef & Ale Pie. It came with mashed potatoes and vegetables. My pie was really tasty. The mashed potatoes didn’t have much flavor, but it tasted decent. Ivan had the Fish Pie. He ordered fries.

Me having a cider at the pub

Ivan and I each had a organic cherry beer. It was cold and tasted sweet. It was a great tour.

We\'re on a bridge at the park

I liked seeing the different locations and I got exercise too. It made me tired.
For dinner, we ate at Leon. I had the Moroccan Chicken Tangine. It came with chicken mixed with vegetables and rice. It also had some coleslaw. My dish was rather plain. We shared some hummus with bread. Ivan had the Magic Mackerel with Cous Cous. I was still hungry so I got a dessert. I ordered the Nectarine, Orange Blossom and Almond Pie. It was a nice and sweet pie. I’ve never had a dessert like that before.
We went to go watch Billy Elliott in the evening. It’s a story about a boy who is talented in ballet. It also shows the Miner’s strike that happens in County Durham. It’s a great musical. It’s funny and very entertaining.
We were going to catch a boat ride on the Thames Clipper but it was raining.

Sorry for the short update. It’s been hard to find time to actually edit pictures and put everything up online. I will be placing all pics on Flickr.. when I’m done editing them back in America. The next update will be about my trip to Southend with Ivan’s family.


2 thoughts on “Sweet tour

  1. Well, beef pie and mash, I guess that’s a good substitute! Looked good.. 😛 Oh, can you take a picture of a pepsi can for me? I want to know if it’s the same can as over here. Because I always notice soda cans are different everywhere. Caffeine free pepsi, if you can find it! I bet you can’t find caffeine free! We get Canadian geese here, they eat everything you throw at them! hehehehh.. Awesome pics as always, can’t wait to see the next entry. Love ya!

  2. Violet – Yah, the Beef Pie was goood! I will takea picture of a pepsi can for you. The two liter pop bottles are taller than the ones we have. I took a picture of it in the ASDA – which is a British Wal-mart – and the guy who worked there thought I was mental. He’s like she’s taking a picture of the coke bottles. He said something else.. but I wasn’t sure what he exactly said. I think he said I should have waited until it was fully stocked to take a picture.

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