Nessie and Illusions

We got picked up early on the morning of July 2nd at 9 am. Some of us wanted to catch the boat on the Loch Ness, so we started earlier than usual to try to make it on time.

We made a stop to see the River Affric Walk and the Ancient Forest.

It had gorgeous views. We also saw Fort Augustus. We made it for the boat ride. We took the Royal Scot boat on the Cruise Loch Ness. The boat ride was an hour long.

I never knew that the Loch Ness was so deep. It’s 620 feet deep (189 m). We took some pictures and we found some monsters in the picture.

Nessie sighting

Nessie sighting

Woah, Nessie is actually real! I can’t believe it!!

I bet she hides at the bottom of the Loch Ness to avoid the tourists. The boat ride was very cool. We drove some more. We stopped to see the Commando Memorial. We made a stop at the Spean Bridge Mill again. Of course, we got more free whisky samples. The shop had some free cookie samples. Ivan thought the cookies tasted like dog food. We drove on and stopped to see the Strathmashie Forest. We saw a gorge there. We were driving along more. We made a stop at the Strath Gary in Pitlochry. Ivan and I had tea and a a scone. We were dropped off on the Royal Mile around 7 pm for the end of our tour.

Ivan and I checked in again at the Smart City Hostel in Edinburgh. We went to an Indian restaurant to eat. But, unfortunately it was too busy. We didn’t want to wait, so we left and walked around. We saw a Thai restaurant called Ayutthaya. Ivan looked at the menu and thought it looked good. We got the fish cakes to start off with. The fish cakes were dry and didn’t have much taste. We were hoping the rest of the meal would be better. We ordered Singha beers. We shared the Guey Teow Pad Se Ew with Chicken and the Goeng Massaman Curry. The Pad Se Ew was really tasty. The curry was great as well. The Massaman Curry had potato cubes, peanuts, onions and chicken. It was a good dinner. After dinner, we walked around. We were thinking about listening to some music at a bar. We couldn’t decide which one to pick though. Finally, we found some good music playing at The Tass bar on the Royal Mile. There was a lot of people playing Scottish folk music. We had some whisky and a Cream Cutie. We stayed to listen to the music for a little while. It was really good music.

Ivan and I woke up on the morning of July 3rd. We packed all our stuff and put it in luggage storage. We proceeded to Chocolate Soup to get some breakfast. We each got a fruity smoothie and a raisin bagel for us to share. We walked to Camera Obscura. It’s a cool museum. We saw optical illusions, lighting tubes, holograms, 3D pictures, bendy mirrors and other great things.

We went on the rooftop and it had great views of the city.

I had never seen the picture in the Magic Eye pictures. The museum had a few pictures of the Magic Eye. it was framed so I could see the light on the glass. I looked at the light and looked beyond the picture. I actually saw it! It was amazing to see those pictures.

Oh I am tiny!

This was a really cool museum. There was so many interesting things to see here. We were so hungry at this point. Ivan read that the best restaurant on Tripadvisor was the Wedgwood We headed there for the pre-set lunch menu. It included 2 or 3 courses at a reasonable price. Ivan got a beet dish for his appetizer. I got the chicken yakitori. It was good. Ivan got the soused salmon for his main dish.

He thought it was good.

My main course was the tomato, asparagus and spinach penne pasta. It was quite tasty. The service was a little slow. After lunch, I did some souvenir shopping. Ivan wanted to try deep-fried pizza. We went to Clam Shell to try some. We thought it would be covered with batter. But, it turned out to look like regular pizza.

It wasn’t very good either. We caught our flight back to London City Airport. We walked from the airport to Ivan’s flat.

The area where Ivan lives is so beautiful. I really like walking around the docks. It’s a pretty quiet area. We went to Nakhon Thai for dinner. It has a great view of the docks. We got the Fish Cakes for our starter. It was delicious.

We had a glass of wine. Ivan had the white while I had the red. I usually like the reds better since they’re usually milder.

Ivan ordered the Yam Woonsen. It’s a clear noodle salad with chicken and prawn. He also got the Pak Boong, which is a vegetables mixed in chili and yellow bean.

My main course was the Ped Phad King. It was roasted duck mixed with mushrooms, ginger, pineapple and spring onions. It was great. I wanted to try the mango sticky rice. I’m glad we ordered it. It was sooo delicious and sinful.


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