Dungeons, Wines and Laughs

On July 4th, Ivan and I went to eat lunch at Pret a Manger. It’s a sandwich place that makes wraps, salads and sandwiches. It’s really good food. I wish they had stores in Las Vegas. They have a great variety of delicious sandwiches at good prices.  I had a tasty Italian baguette.

We went to the London Dungeons. There was Sweeney Todd and Jack the Ripper. The place has actors who tell you things or show you around. There’s a mirrored maze that we couldn’t find our way out of. Thank goodness one of the guides found everybody.

There’s also a boat ride and a free fall drop ride. I liked the Jack the Ripper part.

There was displays of the murders. Ivan and I really enjoyed it. I didn’t get scared though. The London Dungeons has a great gift shop.
Next, we walked to Vinopolis. Ivan purchased The Spirit of Vinopolis package. It included a Wine Tasting class, the Vinopolis tour, 5 wine tastings, 1 premium wine tasting, 2 whisky tastings, 2 absinthe tastings, 2 beer tastings, 1 Bombay Sapphire tasting and a Vinopolis Tasting Notebook. There was so many different wines from around the world to choose from. There were Carter’s crackers availabe to eat too. We went to the Brew Wharf to have the two beers. We also had a Selbach-Oster Reisling Kabinett 2002. It was really sweet wine. We were so pissed (drunk) at this point. It was so much alcohol. It was a fun place. I liked trying the different wines. We walked to the Borough Market. This market has a great selection of fresh foods and wine available to buy. We tried some bread and cheese samples here. Afterwards, we went to the Wine Wharf to have a drink. We went to the upstairs area and came upon a private party. We got a glass of champagne. Ivan felt weird, like people were staring at him. He felt like we didn’t belong there. We went downstairs to finish the drink.
We had dinner at wagamama. We shared the Ebi Gyoza (vegetable dumplings) and chicken skewers for our appetizers.

Ivan had the Yaki Udon for his main course.

I got the Yakisoba. It was really good, but a little salty. Ivan and I were walking around. I couldn’t even see straight. I guess it was all that alcohol and then the meal. We went to the park and lied down. We fell asleep for a little while. We were planning to do the Jack the Ripper tour. But, we were too tired to do the tour.
We walked over Tower Bridge. Then we walked down the River Thames. It’s such a great view. I got to see the London Eye and Big Ben at night.

Beautiful! I forgot it was 4th of July on this day. It’s a big holiday in the US. I had a great 4th of July in London.

I still needed to do more souvenir shopping on July 5th.

We headed to Carnaby Street.

We had lunch at Leon. The sign looks like an advertisement for the circus. Ivan got the Magic Mackerel and Hummus again.

I had the Free Range Grilled Chicken with Aioli Sauce. I also got a side order of Moroccan Meatballs. My chicken dish was really good. The meatballs were decent.
We were going to Eastbourne to see Lee Evans in the evening. We took the train to Brighton. It’s a nice seaside town. It was such a gorgeous day.

Ivan and I went to the Brighton Pier. The pier has an arcade and a funfair with rides. We rode a Haunted House ride. Ivan went on the Waltzer. See if you can find him in the video below!

Ivan on the Waltzer

It’s a really nice pier, although not as long as the Southend Pier. We took a train to Eastbourne.

We checked into the Bed n’ Breakfast, the Gladwyn. Our room was called Beijing.

It had great Chinese and Japanese decorations. It was so pretty. The whole place had beautiful artwork. It was such a lovely place. We had dinner at a cafe. We then walked to the Congress Theatre. We were going to see Lee Evans. He’s a hilarious comedian. This was my first time seeing him. The theatre was really hot. Lee is so funny. He was on stage for almost three hours with an intermission. It was a great show. I laughed so much.

Next up… my last day in England and the craziness of getting back to Vegas!


2 thoughts on “Dungeons, Wines and Laughs

  1. i just read through all your entries about the trip and looked at the pics. it seems like you had a really good time and went to a lot of cool places and ate a lot of good food. you are very lucky to have been able to go on a trip like that. england has always been at the top of my list to visit.

  2. I had a wonderful time! I feel so lucky that I got to visit London and Scotland. My boyfriend Ivan was the best guide. He knows London so well!

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