Eastbourne & Trying to get back to Las Vegas

Ivan and I had breakfast at the Gladwyn. It was a nice big breakfast. The two guys who ran the place were really nice. We walked down to the Eastbourne Pier.

It’s a small pier. The weather was overcast and windy. Ivan looked up my flight and it was delayed for 25 minutes. We took a train to Heathrow airport. I didn’t want to leave. I had the best time in England and Scotland with Ivan. I went to check my bag in. I had a flight with Air New Zealand to Los Angeles. I would then board a plane on United at 11:15 pm to Las Vegas. The lady at the counter said at 5:15 pm. The plane would start boarding at 4 pm. My stomach kept boiling. I was having stomach problems. I kept checking the screen to see if the gate would show up. I’m glad that I had my iPod and a book to read to pass the time. Then, it said at 5:30 pm that it would board at 6:30 pm. There was an announcement at 6 pm about where the gate would be for my flight. I have three and half hours in Los Angeles until my next flight to Vegas. I thought it would be enough time even though we were running late.   Finally, everybody boarded the plane. I think I got on about 7 pm. We were waiting on the plane forever. Thank goodness we were allowed to watch the movies and tv shows. We finally left at 8:30 pm. There was problems with the plane that engineering had to fix before we took off. There was a lot of people going to a connecting flight to New Zealand. So, a lot of people on the plane had questions. I didn’t think I’d make it in time for my other flight. I talked to one of the flight attendants. He told me that there were a lot of people traveling to Las Vegas so I wouldn’t be alone. I told him my flight was booked separately from my flight to Los Angeles. He said that there would be represenatives in Los Angeles who could help me get another flight. The flight was 10 hours and 15 minutes long. I saw Be Kind Rewind. It was alright, not as funny as I thought it would be. I also saw The Golden Compass. This movie was an original movie. I liked it, but I have to wait to see what happens in the sequel. I slept like 4 hours on the plane. I watched Run Fat Boy Run. This movie was very funny. I enjoyed it a lot. We arrived in Los Angeles at 11 pm. Everybody on the plane had to go through Customs. So, I missed my flight already. I got my luggage and then was trying to find somebody from Air New Zealand to help me out. I asked the lady if I could get a flight to Vegas tonight. But, unfortunately there were no more flights for tonight. She said I could fly out at 9 am on Monday, July 7th. I was annoyed by this. I just wanted to go home and sleep in my bed. The airline did pay for my new flight and my hotel room for the night. I was staying at the Hilton LAX. I also got a free breakfast buffet. I got the dinner buffet too but I didn’t use it. The hotel was really nice. It was a big king sized bed on the 3rd floor. The bed was so soft. There was a door that led right to the pool area. I slept for a few hours. I got up around 6:45 am. I had a good breakfast at the buffet. I put my stuff through the x-ray machine and walked through. Then, they said I needed to step to the side. Great, I was randomly picked. Yah, I look like I have a bomb in my cell phone. How annoying. The guy took samples wiping a fabric onto the inside of my bags. Then, a lady patted me down. I went to go sit at the gate. My flight was on time. Thank goodness. The plane actually got there earlier than planned. My mom picked me up from the airport. It was good to find getting back to Vegas. It was so hot though. Ugh. I miss London weather already. I was so tired. I went to get my first TwinRex (Hepatitis A & B) shot at Immuvax.


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  1. Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

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