Whisky and Fun

Alisa and I met my cousin Charisse at BRAND Steakhouse in the Monte Carlo on July 10th. We were there for an open bar event. I also wanted to check out the new restaurant. The decor in the lounge area is very nice. They have big brown couches and long tables. We grabbed a table since we arrived early. The free drink was Canadian Club, which is a whisky. I had a lot of whisky in Scotland. I asked the waitress what would go well with whisky and she told us ginger ale, 7-Up and Coca-Cola. We decided to get whisky and ginger ale. It tasted good.

Alisa, me and Charisse having fun

We all talked about life and my trip to England and Scotland. It was great to see my friends again. The next drink I got it with 7-Up. It had more flavor with the 7-Up. We went outside later on to say hi to Alisa’s cop friends who work on the Strip. Of course, our table was taken after we left. So, we sat at the bar. We tried the whisky with Coca-Cola this time. It tasted great with Coke. Too bad we didn’t get this at first! There was a guy who started talking to Alisa. I think he liked her. Charisse and I were talking to an Irish guy. He had such a thick accent. I’d have to think about what he just said for a second and then I knew what he was saying. The open bar ended at 9 pm. Everybody cleared out after that. We sat down at the table with Mike. Mike seemed to have liked Alisa. Alisa’s married though. Mike is a local who works at United doing computer work. We talked for a little while.  We were tired and decided to head home.  I had a great time with Alisa and Charisse.


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