Vacation Pictures

I have all the pictures up now from my vacation. I finished putting descriptions too.

Check out the collection here.

Direct link to:
England Album
Scotland Album

Blog Posts:
Flying and Exploring England
Sweet Tour
Day 1 & 2 in Southend
Day 3 in Southend & A Walk around the River Thames
Whisky, ghosts and lochs in Scotland
Nessie and Illusions
Dungeons, Wines and Laughs
Eastbourne and Trying to Get Back to Vegas

Video Links:
Morris Dancers
Ivan on The Waltzer
Guy playing the Bagpipes

Hope you enjoy it!.. and leave some comments if you have a flickr or youtube account!


5 thoughts on “Vacation Pictures

  1. Ooo… I was looking for a picture of drambuie in amongst your Scotland pics, and I must have missed it.

    I remember you mentioning in an earlier post about a “whiskey tour” (?) that you did in Scotland (?) and how Ivan came away from a place with a bit of drambuie. I just LOVE drambuie, though I’ve not had any for awhile.

  2. I didn’t take a picture of the Drambuie. It tasted so good! It was one of those cute little bottles!! 🙂

  3. My friend Shawn and his family are currently traveling the world. They started over a year ago. You can read about their adventures at

  4. ooops I posted a comment on the wrong post, I think LOL sorry!

  5. Thanks for the link Sodie! 🙂 It’s fine about posting on the wrong post. No biggie!

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