Good times

I met Mel and her friend Moe at Goodtimes on August 9, 2008. It’s a gay nightclub normally. Saturday night is an Industrial night called Vector 21. The music was pretty good. I didn’t recognize any of the music though.

Mel & Moe at Vector 21

Mel & Moe at Vector 21

Mel & I spotted a guy we knew named Chris. Back in the day, we were on a bbs called MC. We knew him from that bbs. We chatted with him. I invited Joseph (the guy who changed my tire) to join us as well. He arrived shortly after with his friend Omar. I was watching a Japanese movie the club was playing on the tv. It was rather humorous to me. The movie is titled The Machine Girl. The main character lost her arm. Later, she installed a machine gun where her lost arm was. She kept killing people. The movie would show the person’s head come off and blood splurted out like a fountain. I just thought it was too funny. I knew the first time that we met Joseph that he liked my cousin Charisse. I know they’ve been hanging out lately. He told me that Charisse encouraged him to go out with me and my friends. I knew that from an e-mail she wrote to me. He said that he finds that very weird. He’s never had a girl encourage him to go out. I said what do you mean. He said I guess it’s because of insecurities. I didn’t figure out what he meant. I asked him if he liked Charisse. He said I like her more than that. I asked Oh, does she know this? He said Yes. I said are you guys together? He said Yes. He didn’t say that they were an item to Charisse.. but when it works out, then both people just know. I didn’t know any of this. I think they look cute together. Joseph is a sweet guy. There was a good number of people in the club. It wasn’t crowded though. Mel really wanted to dance. Mel, Moe, me and Joseph started dancing. The music was actually upbeat industrial and goth music. I was enjoying myself. I kept watching the movie and laughing at it while I was dancing. Joseph said that maybe we should check out Diablo. It’s a goth night over at the gay nightclub Flex. I asked Mel if she wanted to head over there. We couldn’t decide what to do. Mel brought up that we should go to Freezone. The club plays a mix of regular music. Joseph’s friend called him and said that Flex was dead.  I told Mel we should go to Freezone (another gay nightclub). Joseph and Omar wanted to stay at Vector 21.
Mel, Moe, Chris and I drove to Freezone. The area where Freezone is called the Fruit Loop since there’s 3 gay nightclubs, one gay bar and a gay bookstore in that area. It was so crowded in all the parking lots. We drove down the street and found a spot in a strip mall. The bouncer checked our id and told us there was a 2 drink minimum. We went inside to get a drink. I bought a rum and coke for me and a water for Mel. We all went on the dance floor to dance. There was a ledge where we could put our drinks. Chris was getting drinks and roaming around the club. Mel, me and Moe were dancing. The music was alright at first. It was a mix of hip hip and top 40 music. Then the DJ started playing Latin music, which I didn’t like. I told Mel how would they track the 2 drink minimum with a club filled with people. A waitress came over and asked if we wanted a drink. We said we didn’t need one. She told us that there is a two drink minimum. We said we already bought our two drinks. We were dancing even more. Then, the bouncer comes over to Moe and says he wants to talk to him outside. Mel and I said to each other what the heck is going on. We went outside to find out what was happening. The bouncer said that we didn’t buy our 2 minimum drink. He said Moe was kicked out because he didn’t buy anything. Mel said we did buy drinks. He said he was watching us and he KNOWS that Moe didn’t buy anything. Mel said can’t we just buy more drinks then. He said no, he can’t come back in. He said Mel and I could stay. Moe seemed mad about it. They wanted to leave. I told Mel that I would tell Chris that we were leaving. I was mad about it. Why were they watching us like hawks? Now, I know how they track the 2 drink minimum. Were they singling us out for some reason? I told Mel we should check out the Double Down Saloon since it was crowded outside earlier. I was mad and saying those rascist mother f’ers as we crossed the street to the Double Down Saloon. I just don’t know why they would kick Moe out. Mel and Moe didn’t really seem that mad. Mel didn’t understand since she’s been there previously and nothing like that has happened before.  I’ll never go back to Freezone.
The guy at the door of the Double Down said there’s one more band and they would start in a few minutes. I asked Mel if she ever tried Ass Juice. Mel said she’s never had Ass Juicie. I said You’ve never had Ass Juice and you’ve been to the Double Down? Ass Juice is an original drink at the Double Down. I couldn’t remember what it tasted like. I asked the bartender what was in it. But, he said he couldn’t tell me the ingredients. I asked What does it taste like? He said it’s sweet. We each had one. It was very sweet and it had a kick to it! The band was called No Nothing Party. I think it was the sound setup. I could not understand what the singer was saying at all. I didn’t really care for their music. We stayed for a little while just listening. The Double Down is a kewl bar with artwork on all the walls even the ceiling. At one point, there was a couple dancing to the music. Somehow, the girl fell into a mike stand and fell on the floor. I wanted to go home because I was tired.

It was a good night. I wished we stayed at the goth club where the music was good.


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