Bowling, Mai Tais and Fried Oreos

It was going to be a night of bowling and Rocky Horror Picture Show on August 16th. I picked up Robert since he lives close by. We headed to the Gold Coast to meet people at the bowling alley. Near the entrance we saw Steve and David (Chubb’s roommate). Chubb was playing an arcade game in the arcade at the bowling alley. We all headed up to the alley but nobody else was there. I thought we should wait to see if anybody else would show up. I was hungry still. Robert and I walked to the snack bar. I got a pepperoni pizza and fries. Robert got chili cheese fries. My pizza was actually good. I recently had my fillings fixed and a tooth pulled out. Sometimes it feels weird eating food because of the new feelings. This was the case when I was eating the pizza. The fries were nice and hot. I tried to call Mel & Shawn. They originally thought of the bowling idea with Rocky Horror. There was no answer so I left a message on Mel’s phone. I was thinking of calling Michelle since she said she might show up. But, I figured she’d just arrive later on. I decided that we should get a lane since it was already almost 9 pm. It was me, Robert and Steve bowling.

Me & Chubb at the bowling alley

I called Joseph to see if he was headed to bowling. I think he forgot about it. He said he would stop by. I told Robert I was going to beat him. He said he wasn’t that good. I used to bowl a lot before. But, I haven’t bowled in a long time. I don’t think I was really concentrating enough. I was bowling okay but not too good. Robert was bowling really good. He beat me the first game with 153 and I got a 104. Joseph showed up. I told him he could play with us since we had started our second game. I was trying to beat Robert the second game. But, he got some many strikes in the row. He beat me again at 168 and I bowled a 129. At least I was being consistent. Chubb, Steve and David left at this point. We said good-bye to them. Joseph wanted to sit out the last game. I was determined to beat Robert. I came really close. He beat me 124 to 116. We were both tired from bowling three games. Robert didn’t feel like going to Rocky since he was tired. I said we could go to a bar. Robert doesn’t really go out much. He said he hadn’t been to a bar in 12 years. So, I was trying to think of where to go. Joseph said bye to us. I think he was going to meet some friends at the Art Bar.
Robert said we could still go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. He said He could just sit down and watch. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is shown at the theatre and they have a cast who acts it out. The audience is supposed to participate as well. I thought it would be better if we went with more people. I was trying to think of some bars we could go to. I remembered that I always wanted to check out the Beauty Bar which is downtown. I couldn’t remember where it was though. I was thinking I could find a Las Vegas Weekly and it would have the address on there. But, the place I was thinking of was closed. I opted to find a 7-11 instead. Then, I could find a phone book and get the address and phone number. We found a 7-11 and there was two cop cars. The cops were talking to a guy who had no shirt on. Robert asked Do you want me to come inside with you? I said I’m fine. I didn’t care if there was cops there. I’m not sure if that’s why he said it. I wrote down the Beauty Bar, Art Bar and Ice House Lounge. All three places are bars in the downtown area. Robert called the Beauty Bar to find out their cross streets. The guy at the bar told us the directions and told us not to park by the gates or we could get towed. We found a parking meter. Robert tried to put money in it. It had 2 hour minimum on it. But, it didn’t take money at this time of the night. Ok, we thought that was weird.
Robert and I walked to the Beauty Bar. The guy at the door told a lady that the band that was supposed to play had to cancel for tonight. I think it was a punk rock band. We walked in the bar and it was a punk rock crowd. Robert ordered us drinks. I told him I wanted a Mai Tai. So, we both got a Mai Tai. The two drinks came out to $14. Robert gave a tip of $6. I told him that was a big tip. He said not really. I said the normal tip is $1 per drink. He said at least she might remember us and make us good drinks next time. I guess that’s true.. but that was a bit generous. We were in the back room since the main room was pretty crowded. At the front of the room, there’s a lady who does nails. Then the seats are nice pink couches and some of them have hair dryers over them. How cute! The back room was empty and dark. The DJ was here mixing music. The walls were glittery and pink. There was a great picture of a girl on one wall and a guy on the other. We chatted for a little while.

Me & Robert at the Beauty Bar

I told Robert we should check out the Fremont Street Experience. So, we were wasting time before the midnight show. Later on, I thought about fried twinkies. I said to Robert that there’s a place that has fried twinkies. He was really excited about that. I finished my drink and we were out of there. We kept walking and looking at the signs to find the fried goodies. I couldn’t remember what place had them. Finally, we found Mermaids. The casino serves fried oreos and twinkies for 99 cents. They also have chocolate dipped bananas, fries and hot dogs. Robert and I went to the end of the long line. It was really hot. It was actually cooler outside. I told the lady I wanted a fried oreo and a fried twinkie. Unfortunately, they were out of fried twinkies. I got fried oreos. It came with three fried oreos. Robert got the last order of fried oreos. We were disappointed since we both really wanted to try the fried twinkies.

We ate the fried oreos. The oreos had sprinkles and powdered sugar on top.  They tasted really good. I know they were so bad for me though. It was like a donut around an Oreo. Oh, yum! We didn’t get to see the Fremont Street Experience since we were waiting in line for a long time. We walked back to the car and I drove Robert home. It was a fun night.


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