Nice Event

I met Brandon at Del Frisco’s on August 18th. It was an event for Concierge, Bell Desk, VIP Services and Front Desk staff at the Las Vegas hotels. We were supposed to go with Cory and Rainee. I think Rainee might have forgotten and Cory doesn’t seem to go out much. The event was being held in the back of the restaurant in three different rooms. We walked around the buffet area. I was surprised that there was a lot of food available. We went to find a table. Brandon put his jacket on the chair so it saved our table. We went to get food. The buffet consisted of pepper-corn topped salmon, beef tenderloin, cheesy potatoes, mushrooms and a spinach dish. There was also different cheeses, salami and crackers. A guy we used to work with named Chad was there as well. We went to sit by him and his co-workers. My friend Betzy was there with her boyfriend Manny. The drinks were free too. How nice! The waitress recommended a pineapple martini. I’ve never one before. It was really good. The food tasted so good especially the salmon and the cheesy potatoes. Brandon left after he finished dinner and said he’d be back in 30 minutes. Betzy and I went to get dessert. There was little chocolate cups with white or chocolate cream inside and also strawberries. I wish there was better dessert, but it was actually tasty. It was nice talking with Betzy. I see her at work, but I haven’t hung out with her in ages. Chad likes to talk too much usually with lots of lies. I had another drink, this time it was a Green Apple Martini. It was a good dinner. Brandon never came back. He’s always busy doing things for his business. I stayed for a little while and then drove home.


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