Shopping and Pizza

Alisa invited me to come over for dinner on August 20th. It was a last minute thing, so I didn’t have any extra clothes with me. I would have to go back home, get changed and then go to her house (which is far from where I live). I told her I would have to pass this time. She told me I could borrow some of her clothes. Beazus, Alisa’s sister, is now living in Vegas with Alisa and her husband Jay. We were going to head to the mall before dinner. I met Alisa at her house at 4:35 pm. I tried on different pants to match it with the shirt I actually bought her for Christmas. It’s a shirt from my sister-in-law made from her company called Feminine Line. It’s a great, cute shirt. I found a pair of comfy beige pants. I think they’re meant to be capris but they’re almost full length on me. Alisa says she uses them as workout pants. The outfit actually looked good together. I had some brown flats in the car so I wore those. Alisa even let me borrow a small purse. I usually bring a bag to work since it fits so much more than a purse. Alisa drove us to the Galleria Mall. I was trying to find a specific gift for Ivan. I think I found something good. I’ll have to come back to the mall and decide what to get.

I tried to find small nalgene bottles to hold different liquids (for the trip) at Dick’s Sporting Goods. I didn’t find anything though. Alisa, Beazus and I all shared a jalapeno pretzel with cheese from Auntie Anne’s. It was just so good.

Me & Alisa at the mall

Me & Alisa at the mall

We went to a few clothing stores. I was trying to find a nice lightweight dress. I didn’t find anything good. Alisa got a few links taken off her bracelet so it would fit better. We went back to Alisa’s house.
Beazus started making the pizza and Alisa helped make the salad. Beazus said she forgot to buy pepperoni. I was watching the Food Network channel. There was an ice cream contest playing on tv. We al ate salad while watching Iron Chef. The salad had nuts, cheese and mango. It tasted great. The pizza had red peppers and mushrooms on top. The pizza tasted really good. I love pizza. Jay came over to talk and watch tv. We watched all of Iron Chef to see if Mario Batali won the Mango Challenge. Alisa’s doggie Polly started acting crazy. This dog is so hyper. She was biting me on my wrists (not too hard) and then jumping over me. I’m was thinking what is wrong with this dog. She’s just so lively. I love hanging out with Alisa and her sister. We always have lots of laughs and a great time. Alisa said I could keep the pants. I asked her Are you sure you don’t need your workout pants? She said she has lots of workout pants. She has a lot of clothes. She loves working out and has the biggest workout DVD collection I’ve ever seen. I went home at 9 pm since I had to work in the morning.


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