Erotic food

Sorry, I’ve been so behind lately. I just kept forgetting to do a blog post. I have been busy editing pictures though.

I met Cecile at Swish on September 14th 2008 for lunch. We met at Swish, which is a Japanese restaurant that serves sukiyaki and shabu shabu. Cecile suggested this place. I’ve heard of sukiyaki from when they mention it in animes. I had never had it before. Cecile said that the sukiyaki is tastier since a sukiyaki sauce is used to cook the food. The shabu shabu uses water instead, so it’s not as flavorful. Cecile usually gets the Prime Rib-Eye Healthy portion. The lady recommended the Kobe Chuck. She said the meat is more tender. I’ve only had a Kobe burger once, so I thought Kobe sounded good. Cecile decided to try it as well. We both got the Healthy portion. The Hungry portion is twice the size of the healthy portion. I was hungry, but certainly not THAT hungry! Cecile ordered edamame for an appetizer. I haven’t seen Cecile since Halloween last year. So, it was great to catch up on our lives. Kobe cows are hand massaged and fed beer. I’d be a happy cow if I was a kobe cow. No wonder the meat has a great marble texture and it’s real tender! Each person has a hot pot in front of them. A person adds sukiyaki sauce to heat up. You can have garlic added if you want too. Of course, we both added garlic. I think garlic is a must for Filipinos. I just love the smell of it.

I was using the trainer chopsticks. I’m not that good with chopsticks. I use them with sushi. I usually drop my sushi or somehow I make my sushi fall apart. You’re given a variety of different items like tofu, mushrooms, onions, cabbage and noodles. Of course, you get a bowl of rice. You just put the food item in and cook it to your liking. We next got a plate filled with kobe beef. It looks really nice with the marble texture. It’s actually fun cooking it. I didn’t know what I was doing.. but I just made sure the beef was cooked. I didn’t want to cook the vegetables too long. I actually was doing good with the trainer chopsticks for awhile. The noodles are slippery and hard to get out with the chopsticks. So, I finally gave up and asked for a fork. It was a lot of food! Cecile loves the vegetables and got another plate of it. I had a lot of fun with Cecile. She’s so funny and sweet. I had a great meal. I was so stuffed.
I went home to rest and go online for a little while. I knew I’d be hearing from Mel or Shawn. We were going to meet that afternoon. Originally, we were planning to go to the San Gennaro Feast (Italian festival). But, they didn’t think we’d have much time before Shawn had to go to work that night.
I was only home for like 30 minutes or so. Then, Shawn called me to say we should meet at the Erotic Heritage Museum at 4 pm. Mel recently got out of the hair salon. I left shortly and drove to the museum. The museum is connected to the adult store Deja Vu. Outside of the museum, there was artwork and shirts for sale. It was some nice art. We walked inside. I asked if we could take pictures. The lady said we weren’t allowed to take photos. The first room is small and has cardboard cut-outs of porn stars. The dimensions were off. The cut-outs were really small.. almost my height (which is not even 5 foot!). There was various erotic art on the walls. The museum has big displays set up for Hugh Hefner or other pioneers in the erotic art industry. There was a big glass display with vibrators. I think the most interesting display was from The House of Gord. This guy makes these different things for women. For example, a woman can be strapped to a lamp.. so she’s part of the lamp. It was very interesting. It had some video as well showing his living art at his house. There was a lot of old books with erotic art. There’s volunteers who walk around and talk about the art. There was one lady (I think she runs the place) and she told us about the House of Gord and about some old art. She was really nice. We proceeded up to the second floor. A theatre plays pornography. There’s also a reading area with some books. A scene from a movie is set up with a few mannequins in compromising positions. Then, there was lots of great art. I really like the bronze statues. The statue consisted of a person with big legs and a small upper half. It was really kewl. The museum is filled with great art. I hope to go back before I head on my trip.

On Monday, September 15th, 2008 my family went to meet at Red Lobster. My brother’s birthday was on September 3rd and my sister’s birthday is on the 16th. We were celebrating both of their birthdays this night.

My family is big since there’s so many nieces and nephews. It’s a total of twelve people. It’s great going out with all of my family. The kids are so fun. I ordered the snow crab legs. It was really good.

I let Anissa and Arjay take most of the pictures. I did take a handful of pictures though. The food was really good. I haven’t been to Red Lobster in awhile.

I’ve been planning to get a new haircut right before I left. I had a haircut all picked out for awhile now. I figured I should do it before my last going away party (which is on Sept. 20th). I went to Lisa at Supercuts. She usually cuts my hair. I haven’t seen her in awhile. I used to live on the Strip, so it was hard to get on the other side of town. I told her that I was traveling for a year. She was really excited. She told me I better call my parents because they’re going to miss me a lot. She’s such a mom.. I got a great new hairdo. It’s shoulder length with choppy layers. I got side-swept bangs. It looks awesome!!
I’ve been trying to catch up with old friends before I leave. I contacted my old friend Karen. We used to work at Room Reservation at TI back in 2002. We trained together and just were instant friends. She’s one of the sweetest people I know. We met at Olive Garden that Tuesday.

Me & Karen at Olive Garden

Me & Karen at Olive Garden

The last time I saw Karen was at my 30th birthday party. That was 2 1/2 years ago. We just talked about everything from her job and her boyfriend. I told her all about my trip. She was so excited for me! She saw a movie (I can’t remember the name).. but the lady sold all her stuff and moved to Italy. She would love to do that and move there with her mom. That would be cool. I’d love to go to Italy someday. It looks gorgeous and the food’s amazing I’m sure. I ordered the cheese ziti and added a sausage to the dish. The salad came out first. I love the salad. It’s just so delicious! The food came out quick. I didn’t even get to finish my salad. My main course was great! I’m so glad I got to see Karen before leaving for my backpacking trip. I just wish we’d kept in touch better. I just love chatting with her. She just makes me laugh so much.
I talked to my brother and I mentioned we should go to sushi soon. I didn’t get to see Dena (my sister-in-law’s sister) at my going away party. I wanted to spend some time with her. I told Arsenio to invite her for sushi sometime. He told me we could probably go this evening. Arsenio and Kara came by to drop off their kids. My parents were going to babysit them while we went for sushi at Sushi Mon. Dena and Kara left a few minutes earlier. Dena was driving. My brother and I went in another car. We chatted about the RTW trip and about life. We took the 1-15 to the 2-15. Somehow, we beat Dena and Kara there. Dena didn’t take the 1-15. She did take the 2-15, but ran into some traffic. We each got the all you can eat sushi. It’s fresh sushi with lots to choose from. You can even get appetizers and dessert. I had lots of fun talking with everybody. I love the food there. I ate a bunch of sushi. I didn’t eat too much since I had a big lunch. Arsenio, Dena and I each had some mochi for dessert. It’s so weird and tasty.

I went to go see Debbie at the Las Vegas Nail Salon on September 17th. I was going to get my hair highlighted. I’ve always wanted to get some red in my hair. She thought that the red wouldn’t really show up in my dark brown hair. I picked out a golden brown that she recommended. Debbie went to mix up the bleach. I asked her if she did the color yet. I told her I really wanted some red. She told me she’d mix some red into the color to make a unique blend. She first bleached my hair. I guess the foil that’s out now works pretty fast. I remember having to sit under the stupid hair dryer, so the color sets. Debbie put the color in all my hair. I wasn’t sure how it would come out. It’s always a little nerve racking waiting to see how the color turns out. It looked really good. It does look golden brown in regular light. But, if there’s a lot of light on the hair you can see the red. I really like it a lot!


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  1. Yes …. She led me into raptures. Feel deeply human approach to understand the problem. The author of many thanks. She touched me.

  2. I read intresting facts on here, put some oreo’s on! LOL

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