Missing family

I have been traveling with my boyfriend around the world since October 1, 2008.  Lil Dave (the monkey) is writing a blog about all of our travels.  So check it out!  I should have posted that last year but didn’t.

I decided to write about my thoughts on backpacking.  I’ve had a lot lately.

I knew I would miss my family.  But, I seriously miss them A LOT!!  I miss playing with my nieces and nephews the most.  Ivan calls his parents on Skype a lot and writes them e-mails.  So, I know it’s partly my fault since I don’t call my parents nearly enough.  I do write e-mail though to my brother, sister and sister-in-law.  It’s just hard being away from them.  I know they’re doing good.. just wish I could see them!  I recently took a nap this afternoon.  I dreamt I was back home and visiting my family.  It felt so good to see them!  I’m going to try to call more – so I won’t be so homesick.

I feel out of the loop with everybody.  I have no clue what people are doing lately.  I try to write some people – but it’s hard writing everybody.  I just wish they would fill me in more on what’s happening.  I know when I get back, I’ll hear many stories.  And I know people will ask what I did on my RTW trip.  I just encourage everybody to read the blog.  That really shows what I’ve done.


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