Comedy and Cookies

My sister asked me to go to Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with her and my nieces.  It’s put on by the Rainbow Company Youth Theatre.  We went to the Charleston Heights Arts Center on December 4, 2009.  The cast was mostly made up of children.  There were a few adult actors as well.  I’ve never seen this musical before.  During intermission, they serve cookies and punch.  Donations are accepted for the snacks.  The story was interesting and the actors were actually good. 

On December 5, 2009, I headed to the Palace Station.  I was meeting Alisa there for a comedy show.  I saw on the billboard of the hotel that tickets could be purchased at the Rewards Center.  I stopped there to buy a ticket.  I told the clerk that I was going with a friend.  She said she’d check to see if they still had tickets.  She checked my ID.  The lady came back and said that they only had two tickets left and that they were comped (free).  I was happy about that!  I walked towards the theatre.  A lady who works at the Rewards Center came over.  She said I need to check your ID.  I showed her and she said Oh, you’re over 30.  She told me where the theatre was and I was on my way.  Alisa was already there with her husband and a few of their friends.  She had already bought tickets.  Her friend Leo didn’t have a ticket yet, so I gave him my extra free ticket.

Alisa’s friend Alonso said hello to us.  He was the host of the comedy show. 

We went inside the Bonkers Comedy Club.  We ordered some drinks.  I was happy that they were serving red wine.  There was only about 14 people in the audience.

Alonso came on and he was alright.. not the funniest host I’ve seen.

The first comedian was Benny Quash.  He’s a really tall, skinny guy from Minneapolis.  He was a little funny.

The headliner was The Cowboy Comedian.  He was in the finals of America’s Got Talent.  Of course he came out with a cowboy hat.  I guess it’s fitting since it’s currently NFR (National Finals Rodeo).  The Cowboy Comedian is so hilarious!  We had such a fun time watching him.  You can tell he’s a nice guy and he actually went over his time.  He thought we were the little audience that could.  He picked on a lot of people in the showroom.  I’m glad I wasn’t one of them!  At the end of the show, he handed out Roper merchandise to everybody in the audience.  He’s sponsored by Roper.  I got a hat and a drink cozy.


Our group went to get a drink at the bar after the show.  We saw The Cowboy Comedian near the craps table.  Alisa and I got a picture with him.


I woke up early on December 6, 2009.  I drove over to Anna’s house.  Anna was my best friend in high school.  I haven’t seen her in years.  We reconnected on Myspace and Facebook.  Anna was already baking cookies when I arrived.  I got to decorate them.  It was fun to catch up with her and put wreaths and trees on the cookies. 


I stopped by Alisa’s house after.  She lives really close by.  We went to Ross and shopped. 

That night, Jay (Alisa’s husband) cooked pasta with clams.  It was really good! 

After dinner, we turned on the tv. I stopped at Kung Fu Hustle.  It’s a really funny kung fu movie.  We laughed and drank some vodka and tonic.

I had a fun and busy weekend!


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