Becoming British

My husband is British and I would love a English accent.  I always use to say that if I had a English accent, I’d be sexy.  I was born in the USA and have a general, boring American accent.  Someday we’re going to have kids and I don’t want them having a funky American-English accent.  I’ve heard an Australian-American accent and it sounded funny… just not right somehow.


So, I am trying to talk like I’m British.  It’s a bit easy if I really remember and concentrate on it.  I hear my husband talk a lot so I can easily copy what I hear.  When we were in Las Vegas, we’d listen to a lot of BBC One Radio.  If I lived in England, I would eventually get the accent.  It seems that when I come back from England, I have somewhat of a British accent.

I have been trying, but it’s so much easier to talk in an American accent since that’s what I’m used to.  Ivan says that I should practice talking slowly and annunciate my words.  I think that does help.  I do think that it would help to start afresh with the language from the beginning.  There’s a program I saw online that you can buy so you can talk in an English accent. 

I was on a pub crawl the other day and I told the guy I met that I was American. He said Oh, I thought you were English.  Nice!

I was thinking that if I thought as if I’m talking in an English accent that might help.  That takes effort though… maybe I should try it more.

I’m so very American though!  I say things like awesome or lame.  It’s time to learn more English slang words.  There’s plenty of things to learn so I sound English.

I made some scones when Ivan’s parents and brother were in town.  I need to learn to make more English dishes.  I want to have a proper English tea party where I make scones and sandwiches and serve lovely English tea.

This is another challenge for me and I’m up for it!  Let’s hope that someday people will actually think I’m British.


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