Christmas Gift Ideas 2014

I’m not sure if you’re like me, but I’m usually a late Christmas shopper.  Ok, I don’t wait until the last week of shopping like some last minute shoppers.. but I usually don’t remember until December.  I’ve started looking earlier this year probably since it’s hard to find time to do anything with a little baby.  Being a new mum has been amazing, but it’s hard to do anything like shower, get a haircut or go shopping. 

I came up with a Christmas gift list filled with cool things that are reasonably priced.

For your tech lover friend, purchase an Anker® Classic Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker for $44.99. It has great high-def sound and a 20 hour rechargeable battery.  The speaker also comes in blue or white.


For the cat lover in your life, buy I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats book for $8.50.


For your mermaid loving friend or a girly girl friend, purchase a funny Sorry I Can’t Run,I’m a Mermaid t-shirt. It’s usually $29, but currently on sale for $24.


For your friend who loves shower products, get the Lalicious Brown Sugar Vanilla Sugar Scrub for $34.  My friend Cory bought me their Sugar Kiss Sugar Scrub for my birthday and I love it! I seriously wanted to eat it since it smells so good.  It leaves your skin feeling soft. 


For your chocolate lover friend, purchase a lovely Vintage Ganache Cake for $40.  I love the limited edition book box it comes in.


For the baby with Star Wars loving parents, buy a funny Darth Vader onesie for $19.95.


For a tween, buy the Dabble board game for $18.17.  It’s a fast paced thinking game that’s fun and educational.


For your friend who is obsessed with going to the gym, buy the Sex, Weight and Protein Shakes t-shirt for $13.95-$17.95 depending on the size. Pick from the colors: black, grey, gold, white, blue, purple, green, pink, red, orange, navy blue, maroon and safety green.

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For your boozy friend, pick up a pair of classy diamond glasses for $34.


For your skull loving friend (you know you have at least one!), get a cool skull shot glass for $9.95 or buy the 4 pack for $14.95.


For your tea loving friend, get a Mr. T teapot or teabag holder in orange or red for $8 and add a pink Mr. T teapot for $40.


For your friend who just loves to cook, pick up a cool comic apron for $45.


For the Alice in Wonderland fan, grab a cute Alice in Wonderland bracelet for $29.03.  There’s a couple different Alice in Wonderland bracelets in the EveisScrapping Etsy store like Tweedledum and Red Queen.


Hope my list helps you out.  Let me know in a comment below.  Happy Shopping!  Hope you have a great Christmas!