That was the ending?!?

Oh man, I’m still disappointed and mad at the Inuyasha (Episode 167) ending. It was truly bad.

*SPOILERS If you haven’t seen Inuyasha Episode 167*

It didn’t resolve anything. Naraku still has the damn jewel shard. At the end of the show, they say they’ll follow Naraku til the ends of the earth. Kikyo is still alive (damn it! She needs to die already.. haha). Kohaku still is being controlled by Naraku. We did find out that Kagura likes Sesshomaru. That’s not a big deal really. Miroku still has the cursed wind tunnel in his hand.

I read in a anime magazine that Rumiko Takahashi is done with the Inuyasha series and is creating a new manga I believe. I know that the story in the manga does go beyond the story in the anime series. The Japanese manga ends at Volume 48. Right now, the American manga is up to Volume 27. So, I guess reading the manga might actually give me more to the story. I just don’t understand why the series would end in such a weak way. It’s like taking the easy way out.. or maybe it’s forcing us to buy the manga for more profit. I wish Cartoon Network would decide to create more episodes like they did with Big O. It would be nice if they made a movie that left off after the anime series.

Adult Swim is playing some of the re-runs now and they’ll be starting from the beginning next year. The fourth movie Fire on the Mystic Island will be playing on December 23, 2006 on Adult Swim. You should watch this movie. It’s great! There’s lots of action and the story is very interesting.


Anime Contest

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The end is near

I have been watching the new episodes of Inuyasha.

*SPOILERS if you haven’t seen up to Episode 163 of Inuyasha*

The new episodes have been a bit silly but it gives us an idea of what happens to different characters. They haven’t had much action in it and absolutely nothing with Naraku. I’m sure Naraku is plotting something good. He knows he has too many enemies coming after him soon.
I didn’t even think about what Rin would do. Jaken would, of course, be by Sesshomaru’s side until death. Rin still has a dislike of humans since her parents were killed by bandits. It’s ironic that Sesshomaru hates humans but he keeps Rin on his travels. It seems he actually has a fondness of her. He did save her twice already.
The latest episode #163, Kohaku, Sango and Kirara: The Secret Flower Garden, showed that Kohaku wants to reunite with Sango. It was mostly an episode showing memories of the two siblings and Kirara. Kohaku now wants to kill Naraku.
I’m not sure who will kill Naraku. I think it will be efforts of a couple people. Kagura seems to think Sesshomaru will be the one to slay Naraku. I think Inuyasha and his friends will have a big part in killing the coward Naraku.
The next episode looks like it’s going to be another silly episode where Shippo gets posessed and annoys Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango and Miroku. I wish they’d get to the action. I can’t wait to see Naraku finally die. I think Kikyo will probably die (I know she’s already dead) soon.

TV addict

I know I’m not normal. I spend way too much time watching tv. It’s usually cartoons or anime but I also enjoy great sci-fi, horror and comedy movies and shows. I also love cooking shows even though I can’t cook very well.


*Spoilers of Battlestar Galactica ahead, if you haven’t been watching new season*

I’m so excited to have Battlestar Galactica back! It’s still awesome. I was exciting in the premiere to see Apollo… I was thinking to myself Ooh we get to see him with his shirt off. But, then it turns out he got fat. Then I was thinking Put that shirt back on! It’s horrible to see how bad the Cylons have been since they came to New Caprica. I was so glad to see that they avoided too many casualties from the list that were supposed to be executed. The creepy guy who took Starbuck.. he’s definately more than a stalker.. since he took her uterus to make a baby and then kidnapped her to “make” her love him. What a freak!
It’s definately going to be a little while until they get all the survivors from New Caprica back onto Galactica. I’m just exciting to know that there’s hope. I have hope that Apollo will work out more to get those extra pounds off too. Heh.

*Spoilers of Inuyasha if you haven’t watched episode 159*

Ahh, Inuyasha. I’ve been watching the re-runs to refresh my memory and figure out the whole mystery with Naraku. I was mistaken earlier when I posted that Naraku’s heart could be inside Hakodoshi. It’s actually inside his other half, the scary baby that Naraku so badly wanted to protect. It’s kewl to see the Adamant Barrage. It looks like Inuyasha is going to use it to make some money in the new episode #160, airing this Monday night. There’s only 8 more episodes remaining. I’m exciting to find out what happens. I can’t wait until Naraku dies. I don’t know what will become of Kohaku. Will he still be alive after Naraku dies and then the shard is gone?
What will Kagura do once she’s free do what she pleases? I’m so glad the new episodes are coming already.

New Premieres I’m looking forward to:
Inyuasha – October 16
Aqua Teen Hunger Force – October 29
Family Guy (Premiere on Adult Swim) – October 29
Moral Orel – November 12
The Lost Room – December
Pee-wee’s Christmas Special – December 11

Red pat-pat

I used to never have allergies. But, it seems that I sneeze a lot more. I think that we have been getting more winds in the past couple years. I was at work last week and my nose itched so much. I scratched it so hard… it made my nose turned red. I felt like Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. It was horrible for a little while.. but it didn’t last too long.

My first thoughts on Shin-Chan. Boy, that’s a weird cartoon. It was funny. I don’t understand though.. how come the kids faces are shaped round and lopsided while most of the adults faces are pointy? I’m not sure why he likes to show his pat-pat (butt). It’s definately silly though.

The Smashing Pumpkins have reunited. They’re currently in the studio making a new album. What great news! I hope that they make some great music. I don’t know what happened when Billy Corgan was in Zwan. I don’t understand how somebody so talented could make such crap. I don’t listen to the radio that much. I can’t really get into most new music. I found a great radio station called Area 108. The station plays alternative music. You can listen online too.

Kevin Federline is going to appear on an episode of CSI. UGh!  I seriously don’t know why but he thinks he’s something special.  I don’t know if the world will ever embrace his music.  I’m sure it’s mostly because his wife is Britney Spears.. but really it’s because he’s talentless and he can’t sing.  He just got lucky marrying a rich bitch pop star.

Evil Naraku

I forgot to talk about the latest episode of Inuyasha. It played on August 1, 2006. Sadly, we won’t be getting any more new episodes for awhile… I heard somewhere online that new episodes won’t air until Fall 2006.

*SPOILERS of Inuyasha if you don’t watch it reguarly on Adult Swim*

The moment where Naraku is defeated.. but really isn’t. I thought Wow they FINALLY beat him! But, it seemed very anti-climatic since it was a bit too easy to kill him. Then we find out that somehow he survived since Hakadoshi was in a barrier. I think that’s why…? Of course, Naraku always thinks ahead… evil bastard. He is such a coward in my mind. I think that they do have to find Naraku’s heart in order to defeat him. Maybe it’s in Hakadoshi?… I’m not positive on anything. I’m sad that it will be all coming to an end shortly.. but I’d love to see Naraku ACTUALLY be defeated and gone. I would love to find out about all of the group… What happens to Kagome.. does she go back to her modern times? Maybe she ends up dating Hojo. What will Inuyasha do now? Will Sango and Miroku get married or will Miroku be a pimp the rest of his life? What happens with Shippo.. will he become the next Pimp Daddy like Miroku? hehe. I’ll have to wait to find out. I’d love to know what Rumiko is doing now.. if her next project will be good.

I have been collecting Inuyasha TCG cards. The game is very easy to learn and it’s lots of fun. I’d love to know if there’s any other Las Vegas players in town. That would be great. My boyfriend and I play sometimes. We are planning to go to the Anime Vegas this year. It’s at the Cashman Field. We’ve been meaning to go to that and the Anime Expo but still haven’t made either one. I already have the days off so I’m going for sure. I wish I had more time to put together a kewl cosplay outfit. Maybe next year!


So, I’m back from a long absence. Sorry about that! I haven’t really been on as much I’d like to be. Work has been driving me crazy… but I’m still surviving.

*SPOILERS of Inuyasha if you haven’t been watching regularly*

I’ve been enjoying watch Inuyasha. I am sad that I’ll probably be seeing the ending of the series.. but I’m sure that won’t be until the end of the year or so. It’s funny how the title of the episode for this week was Final Battle at the Graveside! Sesshomaru Versus Inuyasha. But, Sesshomaru only smacks Inuyasha.. that was no battle.. come on! Naraku is still a loser.. I can’t wait until they defeat him. I don’t know who or whom will defeat him. Kagura seems to think it will be Sesshomaru. I think it may be a combination of people… since so many people want to see him dead. I guess I’ll have to wait to see! I still can’t believe Kikyo is back again. She’s just annoying. I know she has some kind of purpose being alive (well sort of).

I recently saw most of Hellsing again. Starz Action has Animidnight.. where they play anime movies and series Monday through Friday at midnight. If you haven’t seen Hellsing.. you should definately check it out. Alucard is just too cool. I love vampires and this series has some great fighting scenes. I’m not sure how it ended up being such a short series… it’s seriously that good! I haven’t been keeping up with buying the manga. I actually haven’t bought a manga in a long time.

Star Wars news… I saw on Dark Horizons that we can expect the animation series to come out in 2008 and the live action series not until 2010. Ooh pretty kewl! 😉