Spinning, Good Food and Games

The girls from work wanted to do the Stripper 101 class at the V Theatre on August 2nd. The people who were planning on going were me, Rainee, Marie, Michelle and her mom Debbie. Rainee had to cancel at the last minute since she was going out of town. I invited my friend Alisa. She had to cancel as well. I tried to get Charisse to go, but she couldn’t make it. Michelle invited her friend Tabby. Tabby and Marie cancelled because they both didn’t feel well. Stripper 101 is a class where an instructor teaches you lap dance moves and moves on the stripper pole. I met Michelle and Debbie at the V Theatre at the Miracle Mile Shops located in the Planet Hollywood Casino & Hotel. I picked up the tickets and then went to the store to get a Monster energy drink. I was tired, so I needed something to wake me up. The tickets came with a free drink. Michelle and her mom each ordered a slushy margarita drink. We had to a sign a liability waiver. We went inside at 6 pm. It’s located in the back room. We walked in the back of the V Theatre. At the time there was the Fab Four Live show going on. The room was dimly lit and all the chairs were facing backwards to the stage. I thought it was weird that there wasn’t much light in there.. but it’s supposed to be dark like a strip club. All the girls straddled the chairs. The room looked full. There was a few bachelorette parties and Debbie was celebrating her birthday. The instructor’s name was Kindra. She worked in strip clubs for 10 years, so she had a lot of experience. The first part was learning different moves on how to give a proper lap dance. Michelle and I kept laughing because we were supposed to be sexy and touch our bodies. It was hard to hear the instructor since the show was loud. Also, a few Mexican women kept talking loudly. The instructor was funny. She was great at showing us the moves. There was a good move that had a roll, a snap and a hip dip. I forgot the name, but I remember how to do it. We got pictures taken if we wanted to do it. Debbie and I declined to do the individual picture. We wanted to do the group picture though. Michelle took a nice individual picture. The room was pretty loud. All the girls were having a great time. The next part, we learned two moves on the Stripper pole. The first was the squat spin. It was actually easy to learn. The second move was called the Fireman’s Spin. Basically, you have your hand high on the pole and you go around the pole. Then, you throw your outder leg onto the pole and it makes your legs spin down the pole like a fireman. It’s sooo much fun! I kept doing it because I enjoyed spinning around so much. It made you dizzy though! Kindra told us we would get a certificate with our Stripper name on it. She gave us a list with suggested Stripper name. We checked out the list. Debbie picked Elektra. I liked Jasmine. Michelle came up with Vixen. Kindra asked how many x’s she wanted and she picked three. We also got to pick up a page with general notes of the class and a fortune cookie. It was a great class. You get to learn, laugh and be sexy. It’s a really fun class. It’s perfect for bachelorette parties.

How did the fortune predict I would have fun at the class?

How did the fortune predict I would have fun at the class?

We checked out our pictures. Michelle’s individual picture was really cute. The group picture wasn’t good. We didn’t end up buying any pictures.

On August 3rd, Maria was having a birthday party at my parent’s house. Maria is the daughter of my brother and sister-in-law. She was turning 2 years old.

Maria is such a girl!

Maria must put on her make-up

My mom cooked a lot of food. There was chicken and pork BBQ and of course, her famous shrimp tempura. Kara brought salad (she makes awesome salad!), 10 layer dip (my brother made it) with chips, strawberries with cream and chocolate chip cookies. Charisse made brownies. Kara’s mom, Karen brought her delicious signature dish baked ziti. There was so much food! I ate so much baked ziti. Karen knew I loved her pasta and told me to save some for later. I’m glad I did! I ate way too much food! Everything was so good, I kept eating more. There was a lot of people there that I haven’t seen in a long time. My brother’s friends Scott & Stephanie, Dennis & Kelly, Rocco and his wife and Joseph came. It was greating seeing Kara’s family – her mom Karen, dad Richie, sister Dena and grandma Mimi and Uncle Kim.

Me, Kara & Karen

Me, Kara & Karen

Maria & Maya chilling on the pink chair

Maria & Maya chilling on the pink chair

There was a bunch of kids in the house at one point. The kids always seem to entertain themselves by playing games and running around.

The adults were playing board games. They played Apples to Apples for awhile, which is always fun.

Playing Apples to Apples

Playing Apples to Apples

Maria opened her gifts and wanted to play with the toys.

I played one round of Apples to Apples. My brother, Arsenio asked if we wanted to play another game. He brought Balderdash and Sequence as well. I suggested that we make two teams and play Cranium Wow. Cranium is so much fun because there’s a variety things you do. It’s a long game though. I like when you draw with your eyes closed, sculpt different things and act like characters from popular culture. It was cake time. Maria didn’t blow out the candles though.. Kara did it for her. She had a cute Dora cake. The kids were all playing the Wii at this point. I had a great time at the party.  There’s more pictures from the party on Flickr.

I was at work on Monday, August 4th.  I came back from break to get my iPod.  I usually take a nap on my break so I listen to Ocean Surf to help me relax.  Brandon says there’s a surprise for you.  He covered my eyes and took me to the surprise.  It was a fruit basket.  I’m like who is this from?  It was a lovely gift from Ivan.

How sweet!!  I took it home and shared it with my parents.  The fruit was soo delicious.


Day 3 in Southend & A Walk along the River Thames

On the morning of June 29th Neal made a great big breakfast for Ivan and me. The meal consisted of scrambled eggs, vegetarian sausages, mushrooms, bread, cheddar cheese, tea and strawberry smoothies. It was the best home made breakfast I’ve had in years. Wow, it was really delicious!! It was such a sweet thing for him to wake up early and make everything for us.
We drove towards the pier and walked around Southend. There’s actually some places with Las Vegas names like the Circus Circus.

The places have games and arcade games right near the pier.
We went inside one place and played a game. It’s like bingo.. but you have to cover the numbers with a little black plastic thing that’s attached to all the numbers.

Numbers Game

Numbers Game

I actually won once. It must have been beginner’s luck. There’s a free theme park right by the pier. It has cool rides and roller coasters. We didn’t ride anything.

I think Ivan really wanted to ride the big yellow roller coaster. Then we walked to the Southend Pier with Ivan’s parents. This pier is the longest in the world.

It’s 1.34 miles according to Wikipedia. Yes, we did walk down most of the pier and then took the train back to the beginning.

Me & Ivan on the Southend pier

I am taller than Ivan for once!

It was a little cold and windy on the pier.

Denise & Ken

Denise & Ken

It was definitely good exercise! It was quite a walk.

My feet were hurting afterwards.
We went to the Cliffs Pavilion to have tea and a scone. It’s nice to have a cup of tea to just relax and talk.
I really enjoyed my time in Southend. It’s a nice place. There’s things to do that are different from London. Ivan’s family were all so welcoming and friendly. I see where Ivan gets his kindness from. Ivan’s mum Denise is so sweet. She’s just like any cool mom. She’s always willing to help you out. She told me if I needed anything I shouldn’t be shy and just ask. Ivan’s dad Ken is full of knowledge. He’s a little quiet but a nice guy. Neal, Ivan’s brother, is a funny and cool guy. He’s also a good cook. I wish we spent more time with Ivan’s family in Southend.
Ivan’s parents drove us to the train station. We took the train back to London. The ride is about an hour long. We dropped off our luggage at Ivan’s flat. We went down to the River Thames to walk around. It’s a great walk since there’s so much great things to see.

Tower of London

Tower of London

We walked past Tower of London and I took some pictures. We walked down Tower Bridge.

It’s a beautiful bridge.

We also walked past the HMS Belfast. It’s a big floating Naval museum. We walked a lot and got to see the Tower Bridge at night time.

What a great view! It’s really weird since it doesn’t get dark until like 10 pm in London. But, Ivan said in the winter it can get dark really early like 3 pm.  It was a good day with a lot of beautiful sights.

That’s it for now! I’ll have another post up as soon as I can. It’s been a lot of editing of pictures. Also, I must head to the library to get internet access. I’ll have some Scotland pictures next time!

Speedy Monster

Ivan and I went to the Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix on May 31st. We rode the Sprint Kart Speedway cars first. These cars were pretty fast. Ivan slowed down so I could catch up. I ended up passing him and it was hard for him to catch up. It was fun.

speeding along

We wanted to ride again. So, we headed to the Go Karts. These cars are similar, but may be a little slower. It seemed like that everybody was running into the sides or crashing into other people. When this happens, they slow down all the cars. I was trying to squeeze past a lady. I was driving right next to the side of the track. The lady was trying to turn and I think I hit hurt her car which made her car turn. It made everybody slow down and they had to put the lady’s car in the right direction. It was fun driving go karts.

We booked the Hard Rock Hotel for two nights starting on Sunday, June 1st. It’s really cool because if you’re a hotel guest, you get free entry and a line pass to their popular Rehab pool party. We asked front desk to give us a room in the new tower. The clerk told us that the room wouldn’t be ready until later on and she would call us when it was ready. We went to the pool. It was around 10 am. The pool was already filled with some people and all the chairs were taken. We did find a space on the floor right by the pool. So, we placed our towels down and then headed to the bar. They had a Rehab cup where you can get any drink inside. We got two Strawberry Daiquiris. The drinks tasted really good.

Sundays at the pool

The pool has a big pool. This area has sand at the bottom of the pool. Then there’s a long lazy river. It doesn’t have jets that pull you along it though. We just walked around in the pool. We rented a raft. We both laid down on the raft and floated around the lazy river. It was great. Rehab was crowded but not as busy as I’ve heard and seen in pictures. A lady from the hotel called to inform us that the room was ready. We went to check in. The room turned out to be a nice pool view. There must have been no new tower rooms so they upgraded us to the great view. We could hear the music and see the pool from the room.

Great view of the Pool at the Hard Rock

Today, Tiesto was playing at the pool. We didn’t get to see him on Memorial Day weekend. So, it was cool that we got to see him this weekend. It didn’t seem advertised much. We only saw it in the Las Vegas Weekly. He was great. We had a good day at the pool drinking and floating around the pool.
Ivan and I went to Origin India for the second time. It was convenient since we could just walk there. We got the Aloo Mattar Tiki for the starter. It was good. Next, we got Chicken Haryali Kebab for one of our main courses. We also got the Chicken Makhani, which is a chicken in a creamy tomato curry sauce. I like the Chicken Harylai Kebab. But, the Chicken Makhani was really good. I love curry! I got stuffed fast. It was a good dinner.

Sadly, it was Ivan’s last day in Las Vegas on June 2nd. I’m so sad to see him go. We just have the best time together. I met him at the Hard Rock pool for the Relax party. We swam around a little. The waterfall was on today. We went down the slide twice. That was fun! We just hung out in the hotel room talking and watching tv. We ordered Room Service. We were planning on heading to the casino area to get a drink. But, we were both too tired.

Ivan was leaving on June 3rd to head back to England. I didn’t want to see him leave. I was supposed to leave for work around 6:45 am. But, I couldn’t bring myself to leave. So, I was late for work. It turns out that his plane was delayed four hours. He called me from the airport and I was going to pick him up from the airport after work. He decided to take a cab to my work. We chilled at the Treasure Island pool. Then we went to go eat at Todai. We had lots of sushi. Then I took Ivan took the airport.

I came home and all my nieces and nephews were at the house on June 4th. It’s such a treat to see all of them at once. They were having a Wii party for my niece Maya since she’s getting her tonsils out on Thursday, June 5th. My parents got a Wii. We were playing tennis, bowling, Mario Cart and Mario Party 8. We had Pizza Hut for dinner. We had pizza, chicken wings and the new pasta dish. I was playing with the kids playing Hide n’ Seek. They had a game called Monster. One person is the Monster and chases everybody else. If the Monster touches you, you become a monster too. I think it’s just an excuse to run around. I was picked Monster. I touched somebody. I was going to run behind the couch and hide. Then, I would jump out and catch them. That was the plan anyway. But, I was going too fast and slipped.. I got two rug burns on my knee. I had to stop and get some band-aids. We decided to play Pirates. We pretend the big leather couch is the pirate ship. We sail the ship to a deserted island to find treasure. We scour the island looking for gold, pearls and other treasures. Then we try another island to get gold for the treasures. We can buy food with the gold. It was a fun night.

Here I Come!

On the night of May 30th, Ivan and I turned off all the lights and closed all the blinds in the condo. We were ready to play Hide n’ Seek in the dark. Ivan was the first to hide. I counted to 20 and then said Ready or Not, Here I come! So, I walked around and checked the closets and the bathroom in the other bedroom. I proceeded to our room. I checked the closet, but he wasn’t there. I did find him in the small closet in our room. It was my turn next to hide. I chose to hide in a medium sized cabinet in the kitchen. I really did have the advantage since I’m petite. Ivan went to look for me. He looked everywhere. He passed the kitchen thinking that I wouldn’t be small enough to hide there. He thought I had left the condo. After awhile he came to the kitchen. The first place he looked was my hiding spot. He couldn’t believe that I fit there. It was Ivan’s second time to hide. I looked around and couldn’t find him. I did hear something in the kitchen so I went to look. He was hiding near the half bathroom at the entry. He was going to sneak in the bathroom. He was hiding initially in the kitchen. So, it was my turn to hide again. I thought of a good hiding spot earlier when I was trying to find Ivan. It was a small place between the sink cabinet and the toilet in the smaller bedroom’s bathroom. Ivan looked everywhere and didn’t have a clue to where I was hiding. He even came in the bathroom and turned on the light.. but he didn’t see me. I had my back against the wall.. and I kept sliding down it. I was hoping that I wouldn’t make too much noise. Ivan looked for a long time. Finally, he said he gave up and I should come out. I came out. He couldn’t believe that I came out of the spare bedroom. He wanted to know where I hid. I showed him the small space where I was. He couldn’t believe it. He said I was too good at the game. Also, he thought that my size made more hiding spots possible for me. It was definitely fun playing Hide n’ Seek.
Ivan and I headed to Dos Caminos for a late dinner at The Palazzo. We ordered the Guacamole right away. We ordered it as a Medium Spiciness. It was good but not as good as two times ago when we went. I don’t think it was as creamy this time. We ordered two Prickly Pear Martinis. It was a lovely frozen drink. Next, we had the Cheese Fundido with Roasted Garlic, Spinach and Artichoke Hearts. This was just delicious! It comes with tortillas and you put the Cheese Fundido on the tortilla. The music was nice Mexican type music. We shared the Salmon Con Pipian Rojo for our main dish. This was a Salmon with the skin on top. On top was the Crab Flautas. The flautas were okay. I really enjoyed the salmon.. it was nice when the skin was crunchy. It reminded me of when my mom cooks salmon. The restaurant dimmed the lights and then the music changed to cool current pop and r&b music. I couldn’t seem to drink all of my drink for some reason. Ivan helped me finish it. It was a good meal. I love the decor here and the food is just awesome. It’s definitely my 2nd favorite restaurant in town.

Last week

I’ve been trying to put this post up.. but it took me awhile to edit the pics.

Ivan and I were invited to go have dinner at my parent’s house on New Year’s Day. The dinner consisted of rice, pancit, salmon sashimi, chicken soup, and chicken adobo. My sister-in-law Kara made the chicken adobo. She created her own recipe to make it her own. It was very tender and had lots of garlic flavor. My sister-in-law also made brownies and cheesecake. The cheesecake was covered half with cherries and half with blueberries. The cheesecake with the cherries was the best. It did seem fresher and more delicious. After dinner, the kids (my three nieces and two nephews) wanted to play something. My sister brought Moon Sand Castle Kit. It’s sand that never dries out and can be moldable. It reminds me of Play Dough, but the texture is like sand. Ivan and I thought it was really kewl. We were helping the kids make a sand castle. My brother, sister-in-law, Ivan, me, and my dad were playing board games. We played Apples to Apples and Balderdash.

That night we went to Blue Man Group at the Venetian. Ivan grabbed some earplugs. I didn’t think I would need them. Ivan and I were seated in the balcony. Ushers pass around white streamers to the audience. Everybody makes something and puts it on. Ivan said that I should make a ninja headband.

Ninja Jen

The show features three men with blue paint on their faces. They don’t say any words. The show does feature alot of different funny parts. It’s one of those shows that are hard to describe. They do different stunts with audience members, art supplies, food, and PVC pipes. This has got to be the loudest show I’ve ever been to. I couldn’t even imagine sitting down on the main floor without earplugs. The expressions on the blue men’s faces are very funny. They do show it on the big screen, but Ivan said it’s better to be closer. This is a great fun show that makes you laugh.

Ivan and I went to Satay Malaysian Grille on January 2nd. This restaurant is located on Spring Mountain and Valley View right before Chinatown. The appetizers we got were Chicken Satay and Roti Canai. I loved the Roti Canai. It’s a pieces of fluffy bread served with a mild curry sauce. I had Mee Goreng for my main course. It’s stir-fried noodles with chicken, tofu, greens, onions and chiles. I didn’t want it too spicy so I said 3 out of 10. It was pretty good. For dessert, we got the sticky rice with mango. I think mangoes are out of season because it had a mild taste. The sticky rice was delicious though. This is a good restaurant with decent prices.

My friend Jerry and his girlfriend Leilani were in town for a couple days visiting from California. Ivan and I met them at Hookah Lounge on Maryland and Flamingo on January 3rd. We got the flavors Grape and Cola for the hookah. Leilani got the Athens Fries. It’s addictive tasty fries with green herbs on them. I ordered the gyro which came with the Athens Fries. Ivan had the chicken kabob. He lived here previously last year. We actually worked together for awhile. It was great catching up with Jerry.

My friend Michelle, Ivan and I went to a private party on January 4th. It was held at the new Jay-Z 40/40 Club in the Palazzo. The club is quite spacious. It’s set-up more like a sports lounge than a club. There’s a lot of VIP rooms.. with most of them containing a pool table. According to the website, they spent $20 million to build the club. Ivan read that the tiles had 24 Karat gold on the main floor. I thought it was weird though.. that in the women’s bathroom there wasn’t any toilet seat covers. It was an open bar event. But, the drinks we ordered didn’t taste all that great. The club was definitely using the cheap alcohol. Ivan was searching for the food in the VIP rooms. We didn’t find anything though. We decided to leave since we were heading to karaoke after. We went to karaoke at our favorite karaoke bar Kelley’s Pub. I sang three songs – A Day in the Life by The Beatles, Possum Kingdom by The Toadies and Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. I think I sang better this time.

Jen & Ivan at karaoke

Jen & Ivan having a good time at karaoke

We went to go see the show Stomp Out Loud at Planet Hollywood on January 5th. This show involves the cast using different ordinary everyday objects that makes sounds. They use things such as brooms, boxes, keys, garbage cans and dishes in sinks. They all have to be in sync to make it sound right. It’s amazing seeing how talented the whole cast is. It’s a very high energy show. It has great dance moves and comedy without much words. I enjoyed this show a lot.. it’s very original, funny and a lot of fun. Ivan wanted to try Trader Vic’s at Miracle Mile in the Planet Hollywood. – We ordered two Mai Tais. They were tasty and strong. Mai Tais are my favorite drinks so I’ve had plenty in my time. For an appetizer we got Coconut Chicken. It was tasty but there wasn’t much coconut flavor. We both got the Chicken Thai Red Curry. It was a good dish. This restaurant is okay, but it’s a bit pricey for average food.

Lake Las Vegas

I drove out to Lake Las Vegas on January 6th with Ivan to go ice skating at Montelago Village. It’s located in Henderson, NV which took us about 30 minutes by car. I pictured the ice skating rink to be bigger. It was rather small, but it was located right on the lake. Both of us were trying to get used to ice skating again.

Jen’s ice skating!

We took a break and decided to go eat at the Irish Pub The Auld Dubliner. I ordered the Nutty Irishman (which was like a Buttery Nipple). Ivan had a Guinness Stout. Ivan started off with the Potato Leek Soup. I had the Fish and Chips for my main course. The fried fish was very good.. but it kept falling apart. I was using my fork to dip it into the tartar sauce. Ivan got the Chicken Boxty. After our lunch, we went back to the rink for more ice skating. We had to work off some of those calories. Ice skating is a lot of fun.. but it really hurts my ankles (I’ve sprained my right one twice before and they’re just hurt sometimes).
Ivan ice skating

Crazy killing

Pinata Beat Down

I heard about this killing game from watching Adult Swim. It’s called Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself). The object is to kill yourself by objects that you find around the office. Your co-workers can also aid you. You only have 5 minutes to complete the task. The bottom of the screen shows the remaining time you have. The controls are simple. The arrow keys move you around. Press M to see a map of the office. It shows you co-workers and objects that can help you. Spacebar lets you use items and talk to co-workers. When talking to a co-worker, scroll down with the up or down arrow and then press Spacebar to select it. You will see a green arrow on top of an item you can use. Sometimes you need two items so they can combine and do some damage to you. After you hurt yourself, there’s a red bar and it shows you how much damage you actually did to your body. This game is definately challenging. It took me a few times to actually kill myself successfully. I only had seconds to spare with a time of 4 minutes and 39 seconds.

Happy New Year!

New Years image

Here’s wishing everybody a Happy New Year! I hope the year brings you good luck. I’m hoping to lose some weight this year. It’s going to be tough, but I’m going to try real hard! I’m the worst at eating right and exercising. So, it’s going to take alot of effort and willpower on my part.

I will be just drinking, playing some games, and watching the Metalocalpyse marathan on New Years Eve. I never go down to the Las Vegas strip to freeze my ass off and watch the fireworks display. I just watch it on tv! On Las Vegas Now they will be having live coverage of the celebration at their site. The Fireworks display has the theme of Vegas Royale: 007 Countdown to 2007. Go find out more here. If you still want more fireworks. Go to miniclip and play Fireworks Frenzy. Click on the fireworks to set them off.