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Would you rather…?

I haven’t posted in forever. I was sick with the flu for a week. I’m back to normality. I haven’t even had a chance to sit down and write a nice long post about the last two weeks.. but hopefully soon.

I got this hilarious book from Rainee called Would you rather…? Illustrated by Justin Heimberg & David Gomberg. The pictures are so funny.

Here’s some excerpts from the book:

Would you rather… Be Able to Fight and Kill Masterfully with Yo-Yos OR With Frisbees?

Would you rather… Only be able to write by tattooing on yourself OR Only be able to take pictures of your friends and family by scanning them directly into the computer?

I think I’d like to fight and kill masterfully with yo-yos since it looks cooler.. and it would hurt more. Then the other questions.. I think take pictures of my family and friends by scanning them directly into the computer… of course, this would be annoying for your family. But, it would hurt tattooing yourself all the time. It really did scar Harry Potter when that stupid teacher made him write on his hand for punishments.