Well… my week has been just packing.. and getting ready for my 2 week England trip. I can’t wait to see Ivan. Also, can’t wait to meet his family. I don’t like packing so it was a little stressful. I’m leaving in a few hours.
My mom thinks I shouldn’t sleep on the plane. She thinks somebody will steal from me while I sleep. She said don’t hold anybody’s luggage.. Tell them you’ll watch it. No, I’ll tell them.. they can take their own lugagge.
Ok, I’m off… next post.. I’ll be in England!! 🙂

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Just a bit evil

Circus Circus sign, originally uploaded by Stimpdawg.

I can see this from the condo… way up high on the 23rd floor. The more I stare at this clown, the more I think he’s evil. I think just a little… look at his eyes.

The Reflex

I heard The Reflex by Duran Duran while I was driving home last night. I was a young girl when this song came out. My sister loved Duran Duran. Simon Le Bon was her favorite. He was pretty cute. I also really liked their music. Watch the video below if you don’t remember The Reflex video. It’s set during a Duran Duran concert. Near the end of the video, water is thrown into the audience. Of course, now I notice that it was fake digitally enhanced water. If you just want to see the water falling, go to the time 3:15.

My old best friend Brina and I decided to sing the song for her mom. We were singing The Reflex in Brina’s play room. At the same moment in the video where they throw water into the audience, one of us grabbed a bucket and threw it at her mom. Her mom was shocked that we’d throw something at her. She thought it was water but it actually turned out to be confetti that fell on top of her.

I had a great childhood. Brina and I were inseparable. Brina loved Boy George. Her mom was so kewl.. she made her Barbie an outfit just like Boy George’s.. with all the numbers on it!

Sometimes I enjoy driving alone. I can sing as loud as I want.. scream at the bad drivers and dance around in my seat. Of course, it would be nice to have somebody there to talk to but most of the time I am alone.


So, I’m back… ok, not really a proper posting though. I’ve been spending so much time with my lovely boyfriend Ivan.. I really haven’t had time to post a thing. I will be posting about the shows I’ve seen.. and some restaurants. I had a great time at Burning Man. It was awesome! 😉

I finally changed the layout. I just wanted something brighter. I’ll probably change the picture once I think of something good. Anyway… more to come in a bit….

Star Wars stamps

The US Postal Service is going to come out with a Star Wars stamp. Go to their site to vote for your favorite one! You can vote daily. I voted for the Princess Leia and R2D2 version. The main USPS site looks great with various Star Wars images.

Evil Cold

I’m glad CES is over with. We were super busy at work. It has been so cold this week. We’ve been having a mild winter and then boom it’s freezing cold. It looks like it’s hitting everywhere though. I just wish it would be warmer again. Oh well. I couldn’t find thermals anywhere. Wal-mart and Target were both sold out. I was looking for a cheap bookshelf and the Wal-Mart I was at didn’t have it. So, we had to trek to the other Wal-Mart that we knew had the bookshelf. Good thing we went there.. they had some thermals there. They have some nice sleepwear thermals. I did grab a bag of thermals without looking at anything but the size. It turned out to be for boys. Heh. They were a bit snug for me. I like the regular thermals though because they go in at the bottom. So, it’s better to wear under pants. I still haven’t found any good gloves. I had the best Eddie Bauer gloves that were sooo soft. But, I lost one of them. I always seem to lose things. In the last couple years, it seems that I lose one of a pair. I also lost a beach sandal. It’s not a big loss there since they weren’t expensive. Anyway, I found some nice fleece gloves at Amazon that I’m going to buy.

The internet is evil. It seems to suck me in every time I use it at home. I think it’s because I always have e-mails to check, myspace and working on the blog. I always get trapped looking up something and then I don’t realize I’ve been on the computer for over an hour.

Red pat-pat

I used to never have allergies. But, it seems that I sneeze a lot more. I think that we have been getting more winds in the past couple years. I was at work last week and my nose itched so much. I scratched it so hard… it made my nose turned red. I felt like Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. It was horrible for a little while.. but it didn’t last too long.

My first thoughts on Shin-Chan. Boy, that’s a weird cartoon. It was funny. I don’t understand though.. how come the kids faces are shaped round and lopsided while most of the adults faces are pointy? I’m not sure why he likes to show his pat-pat (butt). It’s definately silly though.

The Smashing Pumpkins have reunited. They’re currently in the studio making a new album. What great news! I hope that they make some great music. I don’t know what happened when Billy Corgan was in Zwan. I don’t understand how somebody so talented could make such crap. I don’t listen to the radio that much. I can’t really get into most new music. I found a great radio station called Area 108. The station plays alternative music. You can listen online too.

Kevin Federline is going to appear on an episode of CSI. UGh!  I seriously don’t know why but he thinks he’s something special.  I don’t know if the world will ever embrace his music.  I’m sure it’s mostly because his wife is Britney Spears.. but really it’s because he’s talentless and he can’t sing.  He just got lucky marrying a rich bitch pop star.