Conquering Fears

Lately, I’ve been wanting to do things that I’m scared of.. things that sound cool, but make me nervous.  Recently, I wrote an erotic poetry and read it at an Erotic Poetry Night.  Writing poetry has always been easy to me.  I had never written an erotic poem though.  So, I got inspiration from my husband.  I finished the poem the day of the Poetry Night.


The Erotic Poetry Night at the Erotic Heritage Museum wasn’t very busy which was good for me.  I still get nervous reading in front of people.  I’d rather sing in front of a crowd than read anything.  Sometimes I mess up my words and then it’s embarrassing.  A lady reading from her iPad was up when we arrived.  Her poems were good.  Next, the host Amanda was up next.  She’s a sexologist who teaches at UNLV and is the event and education director at the Erotic Heritage Museum.  One of the guys liked using big words with ex at the beginning… he wasn’t shy in front of crowds for sure.  I’m SO glad I didn’t have to follow him.  I was up last.

I was nervous reading my poem and was really quick about it. I did well though. I plan to write more poetry and perform more.  Hopefully, I’ll get more comfortable with reading poems in front of people.

Years ago I got a tattoo because I thought it would hurt too much.  It didn’t and I have a big heart on my thigh.  Would love to get another one.. just not sure what.  I need another fear to conquer… what next?  What fears do you want to conquer?