Jen 3.0

I’m not sure what has happened… but I feel so much calmer and I’m not getting as angry.  Of course, I still get anger thoughts in my head which will go away eventually.  I feel so much lighter and happier.  I’ve been very inquisitive on tours and asking lots of questions.  I’m more personable now.  I like people now!

I know that if I continue my horrible anger that it will drive people away.  So, I’ve taken a new attitude of life.  I feel so much better!! Ivan thinks I’ve skipped Jen 2.0 and I’m the brand new Jen 3.0.  I’m like a new, better version of Windows (We all now Windows Vista was super slow and very crappy!). 

I’ve been talking a lot more now.  I want to learn so much and do more things.  I can’t wait to learn swing dancing and learn how to sew when I get back to Vegas.  I feel ALIVE!!!

I have adopted two mottos:

Keep Calm and Deal with it — can be Shut Up and Deal with it, but it sounds more positive with Keep Calm


‘Bahala na’  which is a Filipino saying my mom used to say a lot.  There’s lots of different meanings.. but I always thought it meant Whatever may be, will be.  Check out another meaning here (search for Bahala Na).  I think it’s funny that is rhymes with Mahama na.