Sick in Spain

I’m sick right now.  We partied hard in Ibiza for awhile and then Ivan got a really bad sore throat and then I caught it the next day.  I always seem to fare worse off when we both get sick.  Noelle, our nurse friend, looked at our throats and she thinks it’s a viral infection or Strep throat.  I think it’s a viral infection.  I have been resting a lot in bed trying to get better.  My throat just aches.  It really hurt my throat the other day when eating anything.  Ivan says we should detox after Barcelona which I think is a wonderful idea.  I hate being sick.. I just feel useless and tired.  I didn’t get to explore more of Barcelona since I’ve been sick.  Oh, well I’ll just have to come back someday. 

I’ve had a wonderful trip in Ibiza and Barcelona with Ivan, Charisse and Noelle.  It’s great to be on a trip where everybody gets along great.  Drama free and tons of fun!  I hope the girls had as much fun as me and Ivan did. 

Tomorrow, we’re off to England.  Ivan’s Aunt is having her 100th birthday party! Wow, I wonder what the secret to long life is!  I’m going to meet lots of Ivan’s family.