Birthday Karaoke

I went to Kelly’s Pub on December 12, 2009.  It was Michelle’s second 25th birthday celebration.


A lot of her friends were there already like Tabby, Fergie and Wade.  Alisa came a few minutes later.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to sing or not.  Josh arrived and sat by Alisa and me.


Everybody was having a good time.  There’s a stage at Kelly’s where you stand when you sing.  The bad thing about karaoke in a bar is that you have to listen to music you don’t normally like.  I hate the country songs and the boring songs.   A few people sang Christmas songs.  I really liked Adam singing Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah Song.  It was really funny.


Garrison and Tabby

I bought Michelle and myself a cinnamon shot.  It was pretty strong.

I promised our friend Karen, who now lives in Utah, that I would spank Michelle.  So, I spanked her REALLY hard 25 times.  She didn’t want me to, but I did it anyway!  The photo really shows how much she’s NOT enjoying it hehe.


Oww, Mommy help me!

My hand hurt after I spanked her.

I ended up singing two songs.  I sang A Simple Kind of Life by No Doubt and California Dreamin’ by The Mamas and Papas.  I don’t think I did that well.  I’ll have to practice beforehand next time.  I really don’t think it matters how well you sing at karaoke since most people are usually buzzed or drunk.


I love the karaoke host Lesley.  She’s so funny and cool.


We took some pictures with her.

Alisa and I were both tired from the previous night.  We kept taking pictures of ourselves.


I had a great time at karaoke.  Michelle has some awesome friends who are always lively and fun.


House Party

I went over to Michelle’s house early around 4 pm on December 11, 2009.  Michelle is one of my best friends.  We used to work together at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino.  This night would be the first night of her birthday party celebrations.  Michelle is now 25 years old.

Michelle and her friends Carson, roommate Josh and Desire were cleaning the house when I arrived.  Michelle moved in a few months ago.  Her house is really nice!  I love all the pirate stuff!

Michelle finished cleaning.  She drove us around.  We stopped by Sally’s to get some stuff.  We also ran errands at Wal-Mart and the smoke shop.  We drove to my parent’s house.  I forgot my camera.

We came back to the house.  Michelle’s tattoo artist Jake was there.  He’s crazy.

I was hungry already.  I brought some organic tortilla chips and double roasted salsa.  So, we dug into the salsa and chips.  The salsa was really good!

Michelle and I picked up the pizza around 8:30 pm.  She bought 9 pizzas.

The party started about 9 pm.  It was great to see all of Michelle’s friends.  They’re all so much fun and crazy!  It’s always a good time with them.

I bought Michelle a penis bottle opener from Kuta, Bali, Indonesia.


Everybody thought it was hilarious!  People were putting it in their mouths and poking people with it.  Lots of pictures were taken with the penis as well.  I didn’t know it would be so popular!


My friend Alisa arrived.  It was good to see her.  I started drinking some of the red wine I bought.  Unfortunately, nobody had a corkscrew.  So, we had Josh shove the cork inside the bottle of wine.

Michelle made some of Adam’s tasty buffalo cheese dip.  It has cream cheese, buffalo sauce, chicken and cheese on top.  It is so heavenly!  I couldn’t stop eating it.  Wow!  I knew I would be getting the recipe for it later so I could make it.


Adam playing beer pong

In Michelle’s garage, she set up beer pong on a long table.  There was also a table for hookah.

My cousin Charisse arrived with her friends Robert and Mikey.  It was great chatting with everybody and of course drinking.


Rock Band was being played.  I sang a few songs.  Don’t try to sing What Cha’ Want by Beastie Boys unless you know the words.  It’s really fast.  But, even though I didn’t know the words very well, I got a 100%.


Alisa, me and Charisse

Josh came.  I used to work with him at Treasure Island too.

I met a few new people.  Everybody was really nice.  Although, I can’t remember the names of most of the people I met.


Josh doing the hookah

We went into the garage and smoked some hookah.  The pina colada flavor was pretty nice.

Michelle and I took our Facebook pic.


Rufus put on a cop outfit while Josh picked a lovely blue dress.  The dress matched the penis bottle opener.


Rufus, Josh and Desire

It was getting late and a lot of people were leaving.  I was gone so I decided to sleep over.  Michelle showed me the room I could sleep in.

It was an awesome night!  I had so much fun!

Comedy and Cookies

My sister asked me to go to Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with her and my nieces.  It’s put on by the Rainbow Company Youth Theatre.  We went to the Charleston Heights Arts Center on December 4, 2009.  The cast was mostly made up of children.  There were a few adult actors as well.  I’ve never seen this musical before.  During intermission, they serve cookies and punch.  Donations are accepted for the snacks.  The story was interesting and the actors were actually good. 

On December 5, 2009, I headed to the Palace Station.  I was meeting Alisa there for a comedy show.  I saw on the billboard of the hotel that tickets could be purchased at the Rewards Center.  I stopped there to buy a ticket.  I told the clerk that I was going with a friend.  She said she’d check to see if they still had tickets.  She checked my ID.  The lady came back and said that they only had two tickets left and that they were comped (free).  I was happy about that!  I walked towards the theatre.  A lady who works at the Rewards Center came over.  She said I need to check your ID.  I showed her and she said Oh, you’re over 30.  She told me where the theatre was and I was on my way.  Alisa was already there with her husband and a few of their friends.  She had already bought tickets.  Her friend Leo didn’t have a ticket yet, so I gave him my extra free ticket.

Alisa’s friend Alonso said hello to us.  He was the host of the comedy show. 

We went inside the Bonkers Comedy Club.  We ordered some drinks.  I was happy that they were serving red wine.  There was only about 14 people in the audience.

Alonso came on and he was alright.. not the funniest host I’ve seen.

The first comedian was Benny Quash.  He’s a really tall, skinny guy from Minneapolis.  He was a little funny.

The headliner was The Cowboy Comedian.  He was in the finals of America’s Got Talent.  Of course he came out with a cowboy hat.  I guess it’s fitting since it’s currently NFR (National Finals Rodeo).  The Cowboy Comedian is so hilarious!  We had such a fun time watching him.  You can tell he’s a nice guy and he actually went over his time.  He thought we were the little audience that could.  He picked on a lot of people in the showroom.  I’m glad I wasn’t one of them!  At the end of the show, he handed out Roper merchandise to everybody in the audience.  He’s sponsored by Roper.  I got a hat and a drink cozy.


Our group went to get a drink at the bar after the show.  We saw The Cowboy Comedian near the craps table.  Alisa and I got a picture with him.


I woke up early on December 6, 2009.  I drove over to Anna’s house.  Anna was my best friend in high school.  I haven’t seen her in years.  We reconnected on Myspace and Facebook.  Anna was already baking cookies when I arrived.  I got to decorate them.  It was fun to catch up with her and put wreaths and trees on the cookies. 


I stopped by Alisa’s house after.  She lives really close by.  We went to Ross and shopped. 

That night, Jay (Alisa’s husband) cooked pasta with clams.  It was really good! 

After dinner, we turned on the tv. I stopped at Kung Fu Hustle.  It’s a really funny kung fu movie.  We laughed and drank some vodka and tonic.

I had a fun and busy weekend!

Erotic food

Sorry, I’ve been so behind lately. I just kept forgetting to do a blog post. I have been busy editing pictures though.

I met Cecile at Swish on September 14th 2008 for lunch. We met at Swish, which is a Japanese restaurant that serves sukiyaki and shabu shabu. Cecile suggested this place. I’ve heard of sukiyaki from when they mention it in animes. I had never had it before. Cecile said that the sukiyaki is tastier since a sukiyaki sauce is used to cook the food. The shabu shabu uses water instead, so it’s not as flavorful. Cecile usually gets the Prime Rib-Eye Healthy portion. The lady recommended the Kobe Chuck. She said the meat is more tender. I’ve only had a Kobe burger once, so I thought Kobe sounded good. Cecile decided to try it as well. We both got the Healthy portion. The Hungry portion is twice the size of the healthy portion. I was hungry, but certainly not THAT hungry! Cecile ordered edamame for an appetizer. I haven’t seen Cecile since Halloween last year. So, it was great to catch up on our lives. Kobe cows are hand massaged and fed beer. I’d be a happy cow if I was a kobe cow. No wonder the meat has a great marble texture and it’s real tender! Each person has a hot pot in front of them. A person adds sukiyaki sauce to heat up. You can have garlic added if you want too. Of course, we both added garlic. I think garlic is a must for Filipinos. I just love the smell of it.

I was using the trainer chopsticks. I’m not that good with chopsticks. I use them with sushi. I usually drop my sushi or somehow I make my sushi fall apart. You’re given a variety of different items like tofu, mushrooms, onions, cabbage and noodles. Of course, you get a bowl of rice. You just put the food item in and cook it to your liking. We next got a plate filled with kobe beef. It looks really nice with the marble texture. It’s actually fun cooking it. I didn’t know what I was doing.. but I just made sure the beef was cooked. I didn’t want to cook the vegetables too long. I actually was doing good with the trainer chopsticks for awhile. The noodles are slippery and hard to get out with the chopsticks. So, I finally gave up and asked for a fork. It was a lot of food! Cecile loves the vegetables and got another plate of it. I had a lot of fun with Cecile. She’s so funny and sweet. I had a great meal. I was so stuffed.
I went home to rest and go online for a little while. I knew I’d be hearing from Mel or Shawn. We were going to meet that afternoon. Originally, we were planning to go to the San Gennaro Feast (Italian festival). But, they didn’t think we’d have much time before Shawn had to go to work that night.
I was only home for like 30 minutes or so. Then, Shawn called me to say we should meet at the Erotic Heritage Museum at 4 pm. Mel recently got out of the hair salon. I left shortly and drove to the museum. The museum is connected to the adult store Deja Vu. Outside of the museum, there was artwork and shirts for sale. It was some nice art. We walked inside. I asked if we could take pictures. The lady said we weren’t allowed to take photos. The first room is small and has cardboard cut-outs of porn stars. The dimensions were off. The cut-outs were really small.. almost my height (which is not even 5 foot!). There was various erotic art on the walls. The museum has big displays set up for Hugh Hefner or other pioneers in the erotic art industry. There was a big glass display with vibrators. I think the most interesting display was from The House of Gord. This guy makes these different things for women. For example, a woman can be strapped to a lamp.. so she’s part of the lamp. It was very interesting. It had some video as well showing his living art at his house. There was a lot of old books with erotic art. There’s volunteers who walk around and talk about the art. There was one lady (I think she runs the place) and she told us about the House of Gord and about some old art. She was really nice. We proceeded up to the second floor. A theatre plays pornography. There’s also a reading area with some books. A scene from a movie is set up with a few mannequins in compromising positions. Then, there was lots of great art. I really like the bronze statues. The statue consisted of a person with big legs and a small upper half. It was really kewl. The museum is filled with great art. I hope to go back before I head on my trip.

On Monday, September 15th, 2008 my family went to meet at Red Lobster. My brother’s birthday was on September 3rd and my sister’s birthday is on the 16th. We were celebrating both of their birthdays this night.

My family is big since there’s so many nieces and nephews. It’s a total of twelve people. It’s great going out with all of my family. The kids are so fun. I ordered the snow crab legs. It was really good.

I let Anissa and Arjay take most of the pictures. I did take a handful of pictures though. The food was really good. I haven’t been to Red Lobster in awhile.

I’ve been planning to get a new haircut right before I left. I had a haircut all picked out for awhile now. I figured I should do it before my last going away party (which is on Sept. 20th). I went to Lisa at Supercuts. She usually cuts my hair. I haven’t seen her in awhile. I used to live on the Strip, so it was hard to get on the other side of town. I told her that I was traveling for a year. She was really excited. She told me I better call my parents because they’re going to miss me a lot. She’s such a mom.. I got a great new hairdo. It’s shoulder length with choppy layers. I got side-swept bangs. It looks awesome!!
I’ve been trying to catch up with old friends before I leave. I contacted my old friend Karen. We used to work at Room Reservation at TI back in 2002. We trained together and just were instant friends. She’s one of the sweetest people I know. We met at Olive Garden that Tuesday.

Me & Karen at Olive Garden

Me & Karen at Olive Garden

The last time I saw Karen was at my 30th birthday party. That was 2 1/2 years ago. We just talked about everything from her job and her boyfriend. I told her all about my trip. She was so excited for me! She saw a movie (I can’t remember the name).. but the lady sold all her stuff and moved to Italy. She would love to do that and move there with her mom. That would be cool. I’d love to go to Italy someday. It looks gorgeous and the food’s amazing I’m sure. I ordered the cheese ziti and added a sausage to the dish. The salad came out first. I love the salad. It’s just so delicious! The food came out quick. I didn’t even get to finish my salad. My main course was great! I’m so glad I got to see Karen before leaving for my backpacking trip. I just wish we’d kept in touch better. I just love chatting with her. She just makes me laugh so much.
I talked to my brother and I mentioned we should go to sushi soon. I didn’t get to see Dena (my sister-in-law’s sister) at my going away party. I wanted to spend some time with her. I told Arsenio to invite her for sushi sometime. He told me we could probably go this evening. Arsenio and Kara came by to drop off their kids. My parents were going to babysit them while we went for sushi at Sushi Mon. Dena and Kara left a few minutes earlier. Dena was driving. My brother and I went in another car. We chatted about the RTW trip and about life. We took the 1-15 to the 2-15. Somehow, we beat Dena and Kara there. Dena didn’t take the 1-15. She did take the 2-15, but ran into some traffic. We each got the all you can eat sushi. It’s fresh sushi with lots to choose from. You can even get appetizers and dessert. I had lots of fun talking with everybody. I love the food there. I ate a bunch of sushi. I didn’t eat too much since I had a big lunch. Arsenio, Dena and I each had some mochi for dessert. It’s so weird and tasty.

I went to go see Debbie at the Las Vegas Nail Salon on September 17th. I was going to get my hair highlighted. I’ve always wanted to get some red in my hair. She thought that the red wouldn’t really show up in my dark brown hair. I picked out a golden brown that she recommended. Debbie went to mix up the bleach. I asked her if she did the color yet. I told her I really wanted some red. She told me she’d mix some red into the color to make a unique blend. She first bleached my hair. I guess the foil that’s out now works pretty fast. I remember having to sit under the stupid hair dryer, so the color sets. Debbie put the color in all my hair. I wasn’t sure how it would come out. It’s always a little nerve racking waiting to see how the color turns out. It looked really good. It does look golden brown in regular light. But, if there’s a lot of light on the hair you can see the red. I really like it a lot!

More Crazy fun

I picked up Michelle from work on September 2nd, 2008. We were car pooling to the Smith & Wollensky event for Concierge, Bell Desk, Front desk and VIP. We arrived about 7 pm. We parked in the parking lot behind the Rosewood Grill since the valet was full at the restaurant. Michelle and I went inside the restaurant. We saw Ivy and Josh. We had to stand in line to register for the event. The restaurant was having a drawing. So, I wrote my information down on a card. Downstairs, there was appetizers. It was shrimp and a little pork roll. All of us headed upstairs to find more food and a table. The place was filled with people. I didn’t think there would be so many people at this event. We saw some people who used to work at TI. So, we joined them and used their table space. After I had my appetizers, I went to search for more food. I found a room with Caesar salad and the desserts. I got a salad and went back to the tables. I had a Sex on a Beach drink. I ate my salad. I wanted to see if there was more food in the other room. There was a line for the meats. It was beef at the first one. I saw people made sandwiches with the bread. So, I did that as well. Then, I got some turkey at the next table. The last table had different cheeses, crackers and blueberries and raspberries. I got some cheese and fruit. The sandwich was really good. Marie came to the party as well. It was nice to see her out, since we haven’t hung out with her outside of work in a long time. We had a good time taking a lot of pictures.

Everybody ended up on the dance floor. I was just drunk. I had a lot of fun. Josh was even dancing. He doesn’t really dance much.

The dance floor had a lot of people. It was swing, pop and R n’ B music. It was great dancing with everybody. I had a great time at the party. It was fun to eat good food, dance and drink with my friends.

Fun Bachelorette Party

I went to Tabby’s Bachelorette Party on August 29th, 2008. Tabby knew nothing about her bachelorette party. She did know we were meeting at the South Point. We were heading to Stoney’s Rockin’ Country for the big party. The theme was Tabby’s Last Rodeo. It’s a country bar. After work, I headed to South Point to meet Michelle in her room. Some of the girls got a room, so they could crash there after the party at Stoney’s. It was early when I got there around 4 pm. It was only Michelle and Taylor in the room. We were watching tv in the room. I also talked to Ivan since I couldn’t get online to chat to him on Skype. Karen called Michelle around 2:30 pm and said she was getting ready. It takes her awhile to get ready though. Michelle’s mom Debbie was getting off work soon. She was going to head over to the hotel after she got ready. Debbie got there around 5 pm. We were still waiting for Karen to get there. Everybody was hungry. We were trying to decide on two restaurants Baja Miguel (a Mexican restaurant) and the cafe.

We went downstairs to get a table at Baja Miguel. Karen was driving to the hotel. We told her to meet us at the restaurant. We all sat down and told the waiter that we were waiting for somebody else. We got two orders of chips. It came with three different dips: salsa, bean dip and guacamole. The bean dip was my favorite. It was really good. I think we were waiting for about 5 minutes or more and nobody came over to take our order. Finally, Debbie got a waiter to help us. He assumed we wanted to wait for the other person before we ordered. She was about to order and then the guy started helping a lady out with putting together two tables. How rude! We all ordered after we got his attention again. I got a combination plate with cheese enchiladas and a beef taco. Karen finally showed up when we got our food. The enchiladas were a little hard. So, I had to cut them with a knife. The food was decent. I ate so much food.

We all went upstairs to the room. Michelle set up all the details with the bachelorette party. There was a pre-party at the South Point room at 8 pm. Taylor thought it would be wise for us to get ready. Taylor is really good at doing hair and make-up. She said she would do our hair. She teases the hair and gives the hair volume. Taylor did Karen’s hair first. Karen started curling her hair afterwards. I was up next to get my hair done. It’s a process getting it done. But, it looks really good. My hair is fine so it needs volume. Michelle got her hair poofed up last. I got my make-up done by Taylor. She’s awesome at doing make-up. I had red eyeshadow and also some glitter. Taylor did Karen and Michelle’s make-up as well. Michelle wanted all the girls to wear matching shirts or something similar that said Bride’s Posse Yee Haw. Michelle made my shirt with a iron-on transfer on my black tank top. We all got ready for the party. I had a short jean skirt on with my tight black tank top and black boots.

Everybody looked really good in their outfits. Tabby got off work at 6 pm. She went home to shower and eat. She arrived at the hotel room after 7 pm. Taylor got started on teasing Tabby’s hair. She has really thick, long hair. Michelle gave Tabby a pink hat with a tiara that lights up. Also, she had cute false eyelashes for her. Other girls started arriving around 8 pm.

Michelle and her mum Debbie

Michelle and her mum Debbie

Michelle bought champagne, beer and margarita mix. Tabby opened up the champagne and we had a toast. The champagne was a bit strong but tasted alright. Michelle made up this oath stating that we would keep everything that happened at the bachelorette party at the bachelorette party. It was printed on glossy paper. It was a cute idea.

We left the room to head to Stoney’s Rockin’ Country shortly after 9 pm. Michelle brought the beer in the cooler. The plan was we were going to drink some beers before in the parking lot. It’s down the street from the South Point. Debbie drove me, Tabby, Michelle and Karen there. I was thinking of taking my car in case I wanted to leave earlier. But, Debbie said she would take me back to the hotel if I wanted to come back. She wasn’t going to be drinking very much.
We arrived in the parking lot at Stoney’s.  This bar is really packed on Thursdays since it’s Ladies Night.  Ladies can get any drink for $1.  I’m glad the parking lot wasn’t that full.  I don’t like big crowds like that.  It’s hard to move around and it takes forever to get a drink.  We drank a beer in the parking lot.

Tabby, Michelle, Taylor, Karen and me

A few more girls arrived to the party.  Everybody went in.  There was a cover charge of $5.  The bar had a lot of people but it wasn’t packed.  The place is a huge place.  There’s a realy big dance floor.  In front of the dance floor, there’s two big screens that shows videos of songs that are playing.  We decided to get a drink.  Karen really wanted a few of us to do chocolate cake shots.  It’s a shot that tastes just like a chocolate cake.  You suck on the lemon that has sugar on it.  Then, you down the shot.  It’s soo yummy!  One of the girls wanted to find a place to sit.  There was a few couch areas and it fit almost everybody.  So, it was a good spot to hang out in.  Michelle brought a deck of Dare card games.  Basically, you pull a card and do the dare.  If you complete the dare, you get points.  I don’t think anybody really was keeping track of their points.  Everybody just thought the dares were fun.  Everybody kept buying Tabby drinks.  I had a Nuts and Berries next. It’s creamy and fruity at the same time.  All the girls were playing the dare game.  It was a lot of fun. I pulled two cards.. but I didn’t really feel like playing.  One card said Get the bouncer to laugh at anything.  I can’t remember what Karen had to do.  But, she had to kiss a random guy.  She picked a guy who was sitting at the next couch.  I guess she liked him because she kept kissing him later on.  Also, they talked a few times that night.  Tabby had to find a guy to give her $10 to contribute to her party.  She felt desperate doing this.  But, she actually found her first boyfriend in the crowd.  He gave her the $10.  He wanted to keep the Dare card since he was giving her money.  Tabby and Taylor went to dance a few times.

The bar plays music where you can do line dancing.  The music is mostly country but sometimes they play some rock music.

Short Video of Tabby & Taylor dancing

It was hard taking the video above because the dance kept going backwards and then forward. I was a little confused. So, I only took a few seconds of video. Michelle’s dare was that she had to find a guy to say “I’m not a normal guy and sex isn’t important to me”. She actually found somebody to say that to all the girls.

Tabby & Michelle wanted to ride the mechanical bull. Michelle was up first. She had a difficult time trying to get on the bull. A big guy put her on the bull like she weighed nothing. It was funny. The guy shakes the bull to make the girl’s boobs shake. I was on the side so I didn’t have the best view. When, she fell off she tried to pull her skirt down really fast.

Michelle on the bull

Tabby rode the bull next. She was a bit drunk already. I think it’s hard to stay on the bull. You’re supposed to put one hand in the air and hold on to the bull with the other. Tabby was doing this. Unbeknownest to Tabby, her butt crack was showing. It wasn’t a lot. It was funny but everybody thought it looked cute. Tabby couldn’t hold on to the bull. It looked like she threw herself off. But, I think since she didn’t really try to stay on the bull she got thrown off.

Tabby riding the bull

Michelle’s mom previously said she would ride the bull. But, I think she changed her mind. A lot of people were watching the girls ride the bull.

Karen had to find a nerdy guy to do a shot with. We found one guy. He said he’d do the shot, but he’d be around and just find him. I think we might have scared him because we couldn’t find him a few minutes later. Karen found another willing guy. He didn’t look nerdy at all. But, it didn’t really matter on all the specifics of the game. She ordered a blowjob shot at the bar. She took the guy to the couch. I didn’t know what she was doing. I thought they were going to take shots together. I read the card wrong. She was going to take a shot with the guy. I’m almost sure the guy didn’t know what was going on. Karen was putting the shot between his legs. He must have gotten scared or something.. because he dropped the shot and only the whipped cream remained. Karen still went down and put the shot in her mouth and drank the whipped cream. She was pissed because it’s an expensive shot that was wasted. It was crazy though. The guy looked rather embarassed afterward.
Tabby seemed really drunk. I guess one of her friends said that she would make sure Tabby had a drink in her hand at all times. Actually, she would have like 5 drinks at a time.

She would give some to Michelle or Taylor to drink. How nuts! Tabby was having a great time. She was posing, laughing, dancing on the table and talking to random people.

I was a bit drunk myself. I had a Sex on the Beach. I forgot how good those drinks taste! I was dancing to country music. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing though. Karen and I would go out there. I tried to follow the steps. I really didn’t care if I was doing it right. I just tried to do it. It was actually a lot of fun!

Tabby pulled another Dare card. She had to find a guy to take off his shirt and show his muscles. Michelle, Tabby and I were trying to find a guy who would actually do this. At one point, Tabby said what about that guy. I went to go grab the guy. Michelle and Tabby had moved on because they wanted to find a guy with some big muscles. I told the guy he should do something for me. I brought him to the girls. We told him he needs to take off his shirt. He took off his shirt but not all the way. I said we need to see your muscles. He took it off and flexed his muscles for us. It was too funny.
It was a really good night. A few people left. Michelle told me we were going to leave. It was only about 12:20 am. Tabby was hungry. Debbie drove me, Michelle, Tabby, Taylor and Karen to Del Taco. I ordered two small green burritos. Michelle ordered a bunch of food for Tabby. She was really drunk. We went back to the hotel room. I think everybody was really tired at this point. Taylor went home even though she was welcome to stay in the room. Tabby ate her food real fast. She said she felt better. I ate my food as well. I was just really tired. I didn’t want to drive yet since I was still a little buzzed. Tabby and Karen were on one bed. Michelle and Debbie were going to sleep on the other bed. I laid down on the edge of the bed. It was perfect for me sleeping sideways. I didn’t have a blanket though. They had this decoration thin blanket but it didn’t really cover me much. I was watching tv.. and I got really tired. I was planning to get up and leave but I just couldn’t get the energy to do that. So, I finally put some of the blanket on me and fell asleep.

I believe we woke up around 10 am. Most of the girls decided to take showers. We were trying to comb our hair out. You have to do it with a wide toothed comb to make the hair smooth after that hair teasing. It took a little while. We all decided to go eat in the cafe for breakfast. There was a little line. Tabby waited in line. Debbie, Michelle, Karen and I walked to our cars in the parking garage to put our bags in our cars. I came back and Tabby was at the front of the line with Karen and Debbie. Michelle was checking out of the room. It was nice to hang out and get some food in our stomachs. I had a nice scrambled egg and bacon croissant sandwich. It was pretty tasty. Almost everybody was having coffee to wake up. I only drink french cappuccino at work to wake up every now and then. I don’t like the taste of regular coffee. We finished around noon and then all went home. What a great, fun night!

Shopping and Pizza

Alisa invited me to come over for dinner on August 20th. It was a last minute thing, so I didn’t have any extra clothes with me. I would have to go back home, get changed and then go to her house (which is far from where I live). I told her I would have to pass this time. She told me I could borrow some of her clothes. Beazus, Alisa’s sister, is now living in Vegas with Alisa and her husband Jay. We were going to head to the mall before dinner. I met Alisa at her house at 4:35 pm. I tried on different pants to match it with the shirt I actually bought her for Christmas. It’s a shirt from my sister-in-law made from her company called Feminine Line. It’s a great, cute shirt. I found a pair of comfy beige pants. I think they’re meant to be capris but they’re almost full length on me. Alisa says she uses them as workout pants. The outfit actually looked good together. I had some brown flats in the car so I wore those. Alisa even let me borrow a small purse. I usually bring a bag to work since it fits so much more than a purse. Alisa drove us to the Galleria Mall. I was trying to find a specific gift for Ivan. I think I found something good. I’ll have to come back to the mall and decide what to get.

I tried to find small nalgene bottles to hold different liquids (for the trip) at Dick’s Sporting Goods. I didn’t find anything though. Alisa, Beazus and I all shared a jalapeno pretzel with cheese from Auntie Anne’s. It was just so good.

Me & Alisa at the mall

Me & Alisa at the mall

We went to a few clothing stores. I was trying to find a nice lightweight dress. I didn’t find anything good. Alisa got a few links taken off her bracelet so it would fit better. We went back to Alisa’s house.
Beazus started making the pizza and Alisa helped make the salad. Beazus said she forgot to buy pepperoni. I was watching the Food Network channel. There was an ice cream contest playing on tv. We al ate salad while watching Iron Chef. The salad had nuts, cheese and mango. It tasted great. The pizza had red peppers and mushrooms on top. The pizza tasted really good. I love pizza. Jay came over to talk and watch tv. We watched all of Iron Chef to see if Mario Batali won the Mango Challenge. Alisa’s doggie Polly started acting crazy. This dog is so hyper. She was biting me on my wrists (not too hard) and then jumping over me. I’m was thinking what is wrong with this dog. She’s just so lively. I love hanging out with Alisa and her sister. We always have lots of laughs and a great time. Alisa said I could keep the pants. I asked her Are you sure you don’t need your workout pants? She said she has lots of workout pants. She has a lot of clothes. She loves working out and has the biggest workout DVD collection I’ve ever seen. I went home at 9 pm since I had to work in the morning.