Party Hardy

On September 6th, 2008 I met Charisse & her friend Irving at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino. She got a suite that night because she was throwing a 25th birthday party for herself. I asked her if I could crash there after my going away party and she said it was cool. Charisse told me that she told Joseph (the guy she’s dating) to bring a few friends to the party. I had noticed earlier in the day that he put a bulletin on Myspace talking about the party and to call him. I thought that was wrong. She said I hope he only brings a few friends. If he brings a lot of people, I’m going to make them go. I changed into my bathing suit. We headed down to the Mandalay Beach. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to go to this pool again. It’s just the best pool in town. We found some seats on the beach area then headed to the wave pool. Charisse couldn’t believe that the waves were so powerful. We stayed there for a little while. Next, we went to the lazy river. All of us just floated around. Irving said that Charisse and I weren’t being lazy enough. I guess we were going too fast. The jets just move you along. We found a inner tube. Charisse took it and I held on the side and laid down in the water. It was nice to just float around the river. I wanted to get some dinner. We walked to Border Grill. I ordered a carne asada quesadilla. Charisse & Irving left because Charisse needed to buy some alcohol for her party and get her laptop for music. I waited for my order. I guess I looked tired because the waiter gave me a water. He said You’ve been out at the pool all day, huh? I said Yes, thank you for the water. I wasn’t at the pool all day but for like two hours. Being in the sun for a few hours usually gets me tired. I received my order and went up to the suite to eat. I ate and then got ready for my party. Charisse came back with a bunch of alcohol. I told her I was leaving for the party. She said she would probably come and Irving might too.

I was running late to my own going away party. The tavern was only a few minutes away from Mandalay Bay. Michelle called me to see where I was. She let me know that she was there along with Clark, Tabby and Beazus. I went inside Sierra Gold and saw everybody. The bar was really dead. I think it was because it was really early (only a few minutes past 8 pm) and there was a UFC fight on tv. More people kept showing up. Rainee, Ivy and Josh were the next to show up. Ivy was really sweet and bought me a compass for my trip. I thought it was funny since I don’t have a sense of directions. She didn’t know that though. We moved over to the pool table area since we had more people. Tabby was taking pictures. We were having an ugly face contest. I think Kori won the ugliest face contest.

My pick for the Ugliest Face contest

My pick for the Ugliest Face contest

I couldn’t think of anything good though. Wroderick dropped by. I haven’t seen him for a few months. Kori and Phil came and we decided to move over to the lounge area. There’s a few tvs and big couches in this big room.

Craziness in the lounge

Craziness in the lounge

It was great to see old friends. I went to junior high school and freshman year in high school with Kori. I haven’t seen her in years. She has a 5 month year old baby named Kyan. She looked great. Her husband’s dad knows my dad since he’s a doctor. I talked to her for awhile catching up on life. It was nice talking to everybody. I was drinking a little. Mel and Moe arrived. I met Mel and Wroderick a long time ago on a bbs called Multi-comm. We were called goons. Later on, Therese came and she joined the goons. I hadn’t seen her in a few years. Jin came with her friend Marcus. I used to work with her at Guest Services long ago. The last time I saw her was at our friend Jerry’s going away party. She looked awesome. She lost a lot of weight. Robert stopped by as well. He works at the box office. Josh bought me a chocolate cake shot. Me, Josh and Beazus did a shot at the same time. Those drinks are great!

Rainee, me and Robert

Rainee, me and Robert

Alex came soon after and then Edgar as well. Mel, Moe, Wroderick and Therese wanted to go somewhere either a bar or dancing. They decided to head to the goth club Vector 21 at Goodtimes. I said I would meet them in an hour or so. Jin bought me a Sex on the Beach. I stopped drinking after that. I figured I should sober up if I wanted to drive to the goth club. I drank a big glass of water and just chatted with people. I paid for my bar tab. I told the lady that there should have been two drinks on there, not one. She basically said it’s all good. So, I left her a nice tip and signed the receipt. Slowly, everybody started going home. It was a good party. I thought more people would show up. Everybody always say they’re going to come, but they don’t end up showing up. At least a lot of my good friends came. So, I was happy. One of my best friends Brandon didn’t show up. I told him he was a loser. He’s always busy and he’s also really religious so he doesn’t go to bars. A lot of people who couldn’t make it, have made plans with me to go somewhere before I leave. I did invite some to my other going away party, which is on September 20th. I only invited some friends and family.

I was sober and drove over to Goodtimes. I found the group easily since they were at the back of the club drinking and talking. I couldn’t believe that Wroderick was dancing. I’ve never seen him dance before! I danced for a few songs. I saw a guy wearing a gas mask. I thought that was funny. I tried to take a picture of him, but he had left already.

Dancing over at Vector 21

Dancing over at Vector 21

The songs started getting all aggressive. I told Therese I didn’t want to dance coz the music was too angry. Therese bought me a drink. But, Wroderick spilled it over me and Mel. I only drank a little since it was way too strong. Yuck! Everybody wanted to go. I asked them if they wanted to check out my cousin’s party at the Mandalay Bay suite. I texted her to make sure it was fine to bring some friends. She said Sure! So, Mel and Therese followed me in their cars. I forgot people were following me and they didn’t make the light. I called them just to meet in the lobby at the Mandalay Bay.

We all met in the lobby and then I had to find the right elevators up. The higher floors require a key to gain access to the rooms. The room was on the 60th floor. I saw my cousin Nathaniel there. I also saw Joseph. They were waiting for somebody with a key. I said I had one and we headed up. One of the girls said you better prepare yourself. I didn’t know what they meant. It was lot of people I’ve never seen before and a lot of them wearing black shirts. So, we walked in the room. The living area was filled with people with black shirts probably about a dozen people. I had no clue who these people were. I figured it was probably all Joseph’s friends. He’s into death metal and likes to wear dark clothes. I found Charisse in the bedroom. I introduced her to my friends. I asked her what was going on. She said that room has Joseph’s friends and her friends were in the bedroom. I said Aren’t you mad that he brought so many people? She said No, as long as they stay in that room and don’t make too much noise. Of course, they also had to smoke outside the room. She told me that somebody had ordered pizza with Room Service. She told them that she never ordered it. She said she had moved all the food that the hotel charges into a cabinet, so nobody would touch it. The alcohol that you have to pay for was off limits for everybody. I was trying to get a drink, but it looks like all that was left was beer. I told my friends that this was like being at the goth club. My friends seemed a little freaked and said they were going home. I said Sorry to them. I went to go lie down in the bedroom. I was just really tired and wanted to sleep at this point. It was like 3 am. I did say hi to Charisse’s friends. I knew a few of them like Victoria and Mao.

I fell asleep somehow even though it was so noisy. I kept waking up and hearing people talking. Charisse said they were heading to see if they could get in the Foundation Room. I knew they couldn’t since it’s only open to the public on Monday. But, I didn’t say anything. I was just crashed out. I woke up at around 5:30 am to go to the bathroom. There was Charisse’s friend on the bed. Then, two people on the chairs in the room. I changed and then went back to sleep. I woke up around 10 am. Joseph and Charisse’s friend was cleaning up. I guess some other peole were sleeping on the couch and Joseph slept on the floor. I was still mad that Joseph invited a bunch of people. I didn’t say anything though.

Charisse & Joseph

Charisse & Joseph

Joseph, Charisse and I went to lobby. Charisse checked out of the room. We all parked on the same floor. Charisse said she’d see me at the BBQ party on the 20th. I said Yes. Joseph said something about the party. I just ignored him. I was definitely not inviting him to the party. I was pissed about his behavior. So, we said good-bye. I drove to EVOS. It’s a place that serves food that has less calories. The place air cooks their french fries.

I took a picture of the sign outside of EVOS. Michelle told me about this place awhile ago. I just never went there since it’s in Henderson. I decided since I was on the east side of town, I should check it out. I went inside to order. I felt like having a burger. A young lady was taking my order. Then, a guy who worked there said Are you associated with somebody? I said What do you mean? He said one of the employees saw you taking a picture so I was wondering. I said No, it’s for my blog, I write about different places. I looked at the lady taking the order and she rolled her eyes. I thought it was funny too. But, maybe they thought I was a big reporter or something. When he said Are you associated with somebody? I thought I’m not with the mob. I heard him tell the other co-workers and they laughed. Maybe I should have said I was with the Las Vegas Sun. Maybe I would have gotten a free meal. I ordered a EVOs Freerange Steakburger Meal. I went with the Mango Guava shake which was recommended by my server. The restaurant has four different kinds of ketchups. The choices were Cayenne Firewalker, Mesquite Magic, Garlic Gravity and Orginal Americana. I got all the choices except for the Cayenne Firewalker. I didn’t feel like eating anything hot today. I waited for my order. I got my food and went to sit down.

The shake was very delicious! The burger was a good size and tasted great. The fries were light, but didn’t come with too many fries. I was so stuffed after that meal! I grabbed a nutrition fact sheet on the way out. It was less calories than other fast food restaurants. But, I still ate a huge meal. I didn’t eat that much the rest of the day. I headed home and relaxed.

Update on the Joseph situation – (It’s a little long.. just figuring out why there were so many of Joseph’s friend at the party – skip it, if you want!!),

Oh yah.. on the Joseph’s friends situation. So, I wrote Joseph a message on Myspace saying that was rude and disrespectful bringing that many people when Charisse said to only bring a few friends. Also, it was HER party and she bought all that alcohol for her and HER friends. I just thought it was wrong of him to post it on myspace so everybody would know. He wrote me back saying that he respects my opinion. He felt bad that so many people showed up. But, his friends did pitch in with alcohol. He only told a few friends and they told people and it spread like wildfire. He said that he’s invited friends to other people’s parties and they didn’t have a problem with it. He said as long as they didn’t create any drama and chipped in for alcohol, he didn’t see anything wrong with it. I just told him it was fine as long as they chipped in. It’s just wrong that his friends would tell other people about it. Charisse wrote me later on. I told her that I’d see her at the party, but I didn’t invite Joseph because he made me mad for inviting on those people. She told me he apologized to her saying he didn’t know it would be so many people. She said she was glad I had her back (backing her up in any situation). She said a lot of her friends have given her opinion on him and she appreciates it. But, she is still giving him a chance. I didn’t say anything about breaking up with him. I just didn’t wanted him to know that it was rude. He’s a nice guy. So, as long as he treats her right and she’s happy, it’s fine. I don’t like anybody being mean to my friends or family.


More Crazy fun

I picked up Michelle from work on September 2nd, 2008. We were car pooling to the Smith & Wollensky event for Concierge, Bell Desk, Front desk and VIP. We arrived about 7 pm. We parked in the parking lot behind the Rosewood Grill since the valet was full at the restaurant. Michelle and I went inside the restaurant. We saw Ivy and Josh. We had to stand in line to register for the event. The restaurant was having a drawing. So, I wrote my information down on a card. Downstairs, there was appetizers. It was shrimp and a little pork roll. All of us headed upstairs to find more food and a table. The place was filled with people. I didn’t think there would be so many people at this event. We saw some people who used to work at TI. So, we joined them and used their table space. After I had my appetizers, I went to search for more food. I found a room with Caesar salad and the desserts. I got a salad and went back to the tables. I had a Sex on a Beach drink. I ate my salad. I wanted to see if there was more food in the other room. There was a line for the meats. It was beef at the first one. I saw people made sandwiches with the bread. So, I did that as well. Then, I got some turkey at the next table. The last table had different cheeses, crackers and blueberries and raspberries. I got some cheese and fruit. The sandwich was really good. Marie came to the party as well. It was nice to see her out, since we haven’t hung out with her outside of work in a long time. We had a good time taking a lot of pictures.

Everybody ended up on the dance floor. I was just drunk. I had a lot of fun. Josh was even dancing. He doesn’t really dance much.

The dance floor had a lot of people. It was swing, pop and R n’ B music. It was great dancing with everybody. I had a great time at the party. It was fun to eat good food, dance and drink with my friends.

Fun Bachelorette Party

I went to Tabby’s Bachelorette Party on August 29th, 2008. Tabby knew nothing about her bachelorette party. She did know we were meeting at the South Point. We were heading to Stoney’s Rockin’ Country for the big party. The theme was Tabby’s Last Rodeo. It’s a country bar. After work, I headed to South Point to meet Michelle in her room. Some of the girls got a room, so they could crash there after the party at Stoney’s. It was early when I got there around 4 pm. It was only Michelle and Taylor in the room. We were watching tv in the room. I also talked to Ivan since I couldn’t get online to chat to him on Skype. Karen called Michelle around 2:30 pm and said she was getting ready. It takes her awhile to get ready though. Michelle’s mom Debbie was getting off work soon. She was going to head over to the hotel after she got ready. Debbie got there around 5 pm. We were still waiting for Karen to get there. Everybody was hungry. We were trying to decide on two restaurants Baja Miguel (a Mexican restaurant) and the cafe.

We went downstairs to get a table at Baja Miguel. Karen was driving to the hotel. We told her to meet us at the restaurant. We all sat down and told the waiter that we were waiting for somebody else. We got two orders of chips. It came with three different dips: salsa, bean dip and guacamole. The bean dip was my favorite. It was really good. I think we were waiting for about 5 minutes or more and nobody came over to take our order. Finally, Debbie got a waiter to help us. He assumed we wanted to wait for the other person before we ordered. She was about to order and then the guy started helping a lady out with putting together two tables. How rude! We all ordered after we got his attention again. I got a combination plate with cheese enchiladas and a beef taco. Karen finally showed up when we got our food. The enchiladas were a little hard. So, I had to cut them with a knife. The food was decent. I ate so much food.

We all went upstairs to the room. Michelle set up all the details with the bachelorette party. There was a pre-party at the South Point room at 8 pm. Taylor thought it would be wise for us to get ready. Taylor is really good at doing hair and make-up. She said she would do our hair. She teases the hair and gives the hair volume. Taylor did Karen’s hair first. Karen started curling her hair afterwards. I was up next to get my hair done. It’s a process getting it done. But, it looks really good. My hair is fine so it needs volume. Michelle got her hair poofed up last. I got my make-up done by Taylor. She’s awesome at doing make-up. I had red eyeshadow and also some glitter. Taylor did Karen and Michelle’s make-up as well. Michelle wanted all the girls to wear matching shirts or something similar that said Bride’s Posse Yee Haw. Michelle made my shirt with a iron-on transfer on my black tank top. We all got ready for the party. I had a short jean skirt on with my tight black tank top and black boots.

Everybody looked really good in their outfits. Tabby got off work at 6 pm. She went home to shower and eat. She arrived at the hotel room after 7 pm. Taylor got started on teasing Tabby’s hair. She has really thick, long hair. Michelle gave Tabby a pink hat with a tiara that lights up. Also, she had cute false eyelashes for her. Other girls started arriving around 8 pm.

Michelle and her mum Debbie

Michelle and her mum Debbie

Michelle bought champagne, beer and margarita mix. Tabby opened up the champagne and we had a toast. The champagne was a bit strong but tasted alright. Michelle made up this oath stating that we would keep everything that happened at the bachelorette party at the bachelorette party. It was printed on glossy paper. It was a cute idea.

We left the room to head to Stoney’s Rockin’ Country shortly after 9 pm. Michelle brought the beer in the cooler. The plan was we were going to drink some beers before in the parking lot. It’s down the street from the South Point. Debbie drove me, Tabby, Michelle and Karen there. I was thinking of taking my car in case I wanted to leave earlier. But, Debbie said she would take me back to the hotel if I wanted to come back. She wasn’t going to be drinking very much.
We arrived in the parking lot at Stoney’s.  This bar is really packed on Thursdays since it’s Ladies Night.  Ladies can get any drink for $1.  I’m glad the parking lot wasn’t that full.  I don’t like big crowds like that.  It’s hard to move around and it takes forever to get a drink.  We drank a beer in the parking lot.

Tabby, Michelle, Taylor, Karen and me

A few more girls arrived to the party.  Everybody went in.  There was a cover charge of $5.  The bar had a lot of people but it wasn’t packed.  The place is a huge place.  There’s a realy big dance floor.  In front of the dance floor, there’s two big screens that shows videos of songs that are playing.  We decided to get a drink.  Karen really wanted a few of us to do chocolate cake shots.  It’s a shot that tastes just like a chocolate cake.  You suck on the lemon that has sugar on it.  Then, you down the shot.  It’s soo yummy!  One of the girls wanted to find a place to sit.  There was a few couch areas and it fit almost everybody.  So, it was a good spot to hang out in.  Michelle brought a deck of Dare card games.  Basically, you pull a card and do the dare.  If you complete the dare, you get points.  I don’t think anybody really was keeping track of their points.  Everybody just thought the dares were fun.  Everybody kept buying Tabby drinks.  I had a Nuts and Berries next. It’s creamy and fruity at the same time.  All the girls were playing the dare game.  It was a lot of fun. I pulled two cards.. but I didn’t really feel like playing.  One card said Get the bouncer to laugh at anything.  I can’t remember what Karen had to do.  But, she had to kiss a random guy.  She picked a guy who was sitting at the next couch.  I guess she liked him because she kept kissing him later on.  Also, they talked a few times that night.  Tabby had to find a guy to give her $10 to contribute to her party.  She felt desperate doing this.  But, she actually found her first boyfriend in the crowd.  He gave her the $10.  He wanted to keep the Dare card since he was giving her money.  Tabby and Taylor went to dance a few times.

The bar plays music where you can do line dancing.  The music is mostly country but sometimes they play some rock music.

Short Video of Tabby & Taylor dancing

It was hard taking the video above because the dance kept going backwards and then forward. I was a little confused. So, I only took a few seconds of video. Michelle’s dare was that she had to find a guy to say “I’m not a normal guy and sex isn’t important to me”. She actually found somebody to say that to all the girls.

Tabby & Michelle wanted to ride the mechanical bull. Michelle was up first. She had a difficult time trying to get on the bull. A big guy put her on the bull like she weighed nothing. It was funny. The guy shakes the bull to make the girl’s boobs shake. I was on the side so I didn’t have the best view. When, she fell off she tried to pull her skirt down really fast.

Michelle on the bull

Tabby rode the bull next. She was a bit drunk already. I think it’s hard to stay on the bull. You’re supposed to put one hand in the air and hold on to the bull with the other. Tabby was doing this. Unbeknownest to Tabby, her butt crack was showing. It wasn’t a lot. It was funny but everybody thought it looked cute. Tabby couldn’t hold on to the bull. It looked like she threw herself off. But, I think since she didn’t really try to stay on the bull she got thrown off.

Tabby riding the bull

Michelle’s mom previously said she would ride the bull. But, I think she changed her mind. A lot of people were watching the girls ride the bull.

Karen had to find a nerdy guy to do a shot with. We found one guy. He said he’d do the shot, but he’d be around and just find him. I think we might have scared him because we couldn’t find him a few minutes later. Karen found another willing guy. He didn’t look nerdy at all. But, it didn’t really matter on all the specifics of the game. She ordered a blowjob shot at the bar. She took the guy to the couch. I didn’t know what she was doing. I thought they were going to take shots together. I read the card wrong. She was going to take a shot with the guy. I’m almost sure the guy didn’t know what was going on. Karen was putting the shot between his legs. He must have gotten scared or something.. because he dropped the shot and only the whipped cream remained. Karen still went down and put the shot in her mouth and drank the whipped cream. She was pissed because it’s an expensive shot that was wasted. It was crazy though. The guy looked rather embarassed afterward.
Tabby seemed really drunk. I guess one of her friends said that she would make sure Tabby had a drink in her hand at all times. Actually, she would have like 5 drinks at a time.

She would give some to Michelle or Taylor to drink. How nuts! Tabby was having a great time. She was posing, laughing, dancing on the table and talking to random people.

I was a bit drunk myself. I had a Sex on the Beach. I forgot how good those drinks taste! I was dancing to country music. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing though. Karen and I would go out there. I tried to follow the steps. I really didn’t care if I was doing it right. I just tried to do it. It was actually a lot of fun!

Tabby pulled another Dare card. She had to find a guy to take off his shirt and show his muscles. Michelle, Tabby and I were trying to find a guy who would actually do this. At one point, Tabby said what about that guy. I went to go grab the guy. Michelle and Tabby had moved on because they wanted to find a guy with some big muscles. I told the guy he should do something for me. I brought him to the girls. We told him he needs to take off his shirt. He took off his shirt but not all the way. I said we need to see your muscles. He took it off and flexed his muscles for us. It was too funny.
It was a really good night. A few people left. Michelle told me we were going to leave. It was only about 12:20 am. Tabby was hungry. Debbie drove me, Michelle, Tabby, Taylor and Karen to Del Taco. I ordered two small green burritos. Michelle ordered a bunch of food for Tabby. She was really drunk. We went back to the hotel room. I think everybody was really tired at this point. Taylor went home even though she was welcome to stay in the room. Tabby ate her food real fast. She said she felt better. I ate my food as well. I was just really tired. I didn’t want to drive yet since I was still a little buzzed. Tabby and Karen were on one bed. Michelle and Debbie were going to sleep on the other bed. I laid down on the edge of the bed. It was perfect for me sleeping sideways. I didn’t have a blanket though. They had this decoration thin blanket but it didn’t really cover me much. I was watching tv.. and I got really tired. I was planning to get up and leave but I just couldn’t get the energy to do that. So, I finally put some of the blanket on me and fell asleep.

I believe we woke up around 10 am. Most of the girls decided to take showers. We were trying to comb our hair out. You have to do it with a wide toothed comb to make the hair smooth after that hair teasing. It took a little while. We all decided to go eat in the cafe for breakfast. There was a little line. Tabby waited in line. Debbie, Michelle, Karen and I walked to our cars in the parking garage to put our bags in our cars. I came back and Tabby was at the front of the line with Karen and Debbie. Michelle was checking out of the room. It was nice to hang out and get some food in our stomachs. I had a nice scrambled egg and bacon croissant sandwich. It was pretty tasty. Almost everybody was having coffee to wake up. I only drink french cappuccino at work to wake up every now and then. I don’t like the taste of regular coffee. We finished around noon and then all went home. What a great, fun night!

Nice Event

I met Brandon at Del Frisco’s on August 18th. It was an event for Concierge, Bell Desk, VIP Services and Front Desk staff at the Las Vegas hotels. We were supposed to go with Cory and Rainee. I think Rainee might have forgotten and Cory doesn’t seem to go out much. The event was being held in the back of the restaurant in three different rooms. We walked around the buffet area. I was surprised that there was a lot of food available. We went to find a table. Brandon put his jacket on the chair so it saved our table. We went to get food. The buffet consisted of pepper-corn topped salmon, beef tenderloin, cheesy potatoes, mushrooms and a spinach dish. There was also different cheeses, salami and crackers. A guy we used to work with named Chad was there as well. We went to sit by him and his co-workers. My friend Betzy was there with her boyfriend Manny. The drinks were free too. How nice! The waitress recommended a pineapple martini. I’ve never one before. It was really good. The food tasted so good especially the salmon and the cheesy potatoes. Brandon left after he finished dinner and said he’d be back in 30 minutes. Betzy and I went to get dessert. There was little chocolate cups with white or chocolate cream inside and also strawberries. I wish there was better dessert, but it was actually tasty. It was nice talking with Betzy. I see her at work, but I haven’t hung out with her in ages. Chad likes to talk too much usually with lots of lies. I had another drink, this time it was a Green Apple Martini. It was a good dinner. Brandon never came back. He’s always busy doing things for his business. I stayed for a little while and then drove home.

Bowling, Mai Tais and Fried Oreos

It was going to be a night of bowling and Rocky Horror Picture Show on August 16th. I picked up Robert since he lives close by. We headed to the Gold Coast to meet people at the bowling alley. Near the entrance we saw Steve and David (Chubb’s roommate). Chubb was playing an arcade game in the arcade at the bowling alley. We all headed up to the alley but nobody else was there. I thought we should wait to see if anybody else would show up. I was hungry still. Robert and I walked to the snack bar. I got a pepperoni pizza and fries. Robert got chili cheese fries. My pizza was actually good. I recently had my fillings fixed and a tooth pulled out. Sometimes it feels weird eating food because of the new feelings. This was the case when I was eating the pizza. The fries were nice and hot. I tried to call Mel & Shawn. They originally thought of the bowling idea with Rocky Horror. There was no answer so I left a message on Mel’s phone. I was thinking of calling Michelle since she said she might show up. But, I figured she’d just arrive later on. I decided that we should get a lane since it was already almost 9 pm. It was me, Robert and Steve bowling.

Me & Chubb at the bowling alley

I called Joseph to see if he was headed to bowling. I think he forgot about it. He said he would stop by. I told Robert I was going to beat him. He said he wasn’t that good. I used to bowl a lot before. But, I haven’t bowled in a long time. I don’t think I was really concentrating enough. I was bowling okay but not too good. Robert was bowling really good. He beat me the first game with 153 and I got a 104. Joseph showed up. I told him he could play with us since we had started our second game. I was trying to beat Robert the second game. But, he got some many strikes in the row. He beat me again at 168 and I bowled a 129. At least I was being consistent. Chubb, Steve and David left at this point. We said good-bye to them. Joseph wanted to sit out the last game. I was determined to beat Robert. I came really close. He beat me 124 to 116. We were both tired from bowling three games. Robert didn’t feel like going to Rocky since he was tired. I said we could go to a bar. Robert doesn’t really go out much. He said he hadn’t been to a bar in 12 years. So, I was trying to think of where to go. Joseph said bye to us. I think he was going to meet some friends at the Art Bar.
Robert said we could still go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. He said He could just sit down and watch. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is shown at the theatre and they have a cast who acts it out. The audience is supposed to participate as well. I thought it would be better if we went with more people. I was trying to think of some bars we could go to. I remembered that I always wanted to check out the Beauty Bar which is downtown. I couldn’t remember where it was though. I was thinking I could find a Las Vegas Weekly and it would have the address on there. But, the place I was thinking of was closed. I opted to find a 7-11 instead. Then, I could find a phone book and get the address and phone number. We found a 7-11 and there was two cop cars. The cops were talking to a guy who had no shirt on. Robert asked Do you want me to come inside with you? I said I’m fine. I didn’t care if there was cops there. I’m not sure if that’s why he said it. I wrote down the Beauty Bar, Art Bar and Ice House Lounge. All three places are bars in the downtown area. Robert called the Beauty Bar to find out their cross streets. The guy at the bar told us the directions and told us not to park by the gates or we could get towed. We found a parking meter. Robert tried to put money in it. It had 2 hour minimum on it. But, it didn’t take money at this time of the night. Ok, we thought that was weird.
Robert and I walked to the Beauty Bar. The guy at the door told a lady that the band that was supposed to play had to cancel for tonight. I think it was a punk rock band. We walked in the bar and it was a punk rock crowd. Robert ordered us drinks. I told him I wanted a Mai Tai. So, we both got a Mai Tai. The two drinks came out to $14. Robert gave a tip of $6. I told him that was a big tip. He said not really. I said the normal tip is $1 per drink. He said at least she might remember us and make us good drinks next time. I guess that’s true.. but that was a bit generous. We were in the back room since the main room was pretty crowded. At the front of the room, there’s a lady who does nails. Then the seats are nice pink couches and some of them have hair dryers over them. How cute! The back room was empty and dark. The DJ was here mixing music. The walls were glittery and pink. There was a great picture of a girl on one wall and a guy on the other. We chatted for a little while.

Me & Robert at the Beauty Bar

I told Robert we should check out the Fremont Street Experience. So, we were wasting time before the midnight show. Later on, I thought about fried twinkies. I said to Robert that there’s a place that has fried twinkies. He was really excited about that. I finished my drink and we were out of there. We kept walking and looking at the signs to find the fried goodies. I couldn’t remember what place had them. Finally, we found Mermaids. The casino serves fried oreos and twinkies for 99 cents. They also have chocolate dipped bananas, fries and hot dogs. Robert and I went to the end of the long line. It was really hot. It was actually cooler outside. I told the lady I wanted a fried oreo and a fried twinkie. Unfortunately, they were out of fried twinkies. I got fried oreos. It came with three fried oreos. Robert got the last order of fried oreos. We were disappointed since we both really wanted to try the fried twinkies.

We ate the fried oreos. The oreos had sprinkles and powdered sugar on top.  They tasted really good. I know they were so bad for me though. It was like a donut around an Oreo. Oh, yum! We didn’t get to see the Fremont Street Experience since we were waiting in line for a long time. We walked back to the car and I drove Robert home. It was a fun night.

Good times

I met Mel and her friend Moe at Goodtimes on August 9, 2008. It’s a gay nightclub normally. Saturday night is an Industrial night called Vector 21. The music was pretty good. I didn’t recognize any of the music though.

Mel & Moe at Vector 21

Mel & Moe at Vector 21

Mel & I spotted a guy we knew named Chris. Back in the day, we were on a bbs called MC. We knew him from that bbs. We chatted with him. I invited Joseph (the guy who changed my tire) to join us as well. He arrived shortly after with his friend Omar. I was watching a Japanese movie the club was playing on the tv. It was rather humorous to me. The movie is titled The Machine Girl. The main character lost her arm. Later, she installed a machine gun where her lost arm was. She kept killing people. The movie would show the person’s head come off and blood splurted out like a fountain. I just thought it was too funny. I knew the first time that we met Joseph that he liked my cousin Charisse. I know they’ve been hanging out lately. He told me that Charisse encouraged him to go out with me and my friends. I knew that from an e-mail she wrote to me. He said that he finds that very weird. He’s never had a girl encourage him to go out. I said what do you mean. He said I guess it’s because of insecurities. I didn’t figure out what he meant. I asked him if he liked Charisse. He said I like her more than that. I asked Oh, does she know this? He said Yes. I said are you guys together? He said Yes. He didn’t say that they were an item to Charisse.. but when it works out, then both people just know. I didn’t know any of this. I think they look cute together. Joseph is a sweet guy. There was a good number of people in the club. It wasn’t crowded though. Mel really wanted to dance. Mel, Moe, me and Joseph started dancing. The music was actually upbeat industrial and goth music. I was enjoying myself. I kept watching the movie and laughing at it while I was dancing. Joseph said that maybe we should check out Diablo. It’s a goth night over at the gay nightclub Flex. I asked Mel if she wanted to head over there. We couldn’t decide what to do. Mel brought up that we should go to Freezone. The club plays a mix of regular music. Joseph’s friend called him and said that Flex was dead.  I told Mel we should go to Freezone (another gay nightclub). Joseph and Omar wanted to stay at Vector 21.
Mel, Moe, Chris and I drove to Freezone. The area where Freezone is called the Fruit Loop since there’s 3 gay nightclubs, one gay bar and a gay bookstore in that area. It was so crowded in all the parking lots. We drove down the street and found a spot in a strip mall. The bouncer checked our id and told us there was a 2 drink minimum. We went inside to get a drink. I bought a rum and coke for me and a water for Mel. We all went on the dance floor to dance. There was a ledge where we could put our drinks. Chris was getting drinks and roaming around the club. Mel, me and Moe were dancing. The music was alright at first. It was a mix of hip hip and top 40 music. Then the DJ started playing Latin music, which I didn’t like. I told Mel how would they track the 2 drink minimum with a club filled with people. A waitress came over and asked if we wanted a drink. We said we didn’t need one. She told us that there is a two drink minimum. We said we already bought our two drinks. We were dancing even more. Then, the bouncer comes over to Moe and says he wants to talk to him outside. Mel and I said to each other what the heck is going on. We went outside to find out what was happening. The bouncer said that we didn’t buy our 2 minimum drink. He said Moe was kicked out because he didn’t buy anything. Mel said we did buy drinks. He said he was watching us and he KNOWS that Moe didn’t buy anything. Mel said can’t we just buy more drinks then. He said no, he can’t come back in. He said Mel and I could stay. Moe seemed mad about it. They wanted to leave. I told Mel that I would tell Chris that we were leaving. I was mad about it. Why were they watching us like hawks? Now, I know how they track the 2 drink minimum. Were they singling us out for some reason? I told Mel we should check out the Double Down Saloon since it was crowded outside earlier. I was mad and saying those rascist mother f’ers as we crossed the street to the Double Down Saloon. I just don’t know why they would kick Moe out. Mel and Moe didn’t really seem that mad. Mel didn’t understand since she’s been there previously and nothing like that has happened before.  I’ll never go back to Freezone.
The guy at the door of the Double Down said there’s one more band and they would start in a few minutes. I asked Mel if she ever tried Ass Juice. Mel said she’s never had Ass Juicie. I said You’ve never had Ass Juice and you’ve been to the Double Down? Ass Juice is an original drink at the Double Down. I couldn’t remember what it tasted like. I asked the bartender what was in it. But, he said he couldn’t tell me the ingredients. I asked What does it taste like? He said it’s sweet. We each had one. It was very sweet and it had a kick to it! The band was called No Nothing Party. I think it was the sound setup. I could not understand what the singer was saying at all. I didn’t really care for their music. We stayed for a little while just listening. The Double Down is a kewl bar with artwork on all the walls even the ceiling. At one point, there was a couple dancing to the music. Somehow, the girl fell into a mike stand and fell on the floor. I wanted to go home because I was tired.

It was a good night. I wished we stayed at the goth club where the music was good.

Jam-packed Weekend

I met Alisa and her sister Beazus at Stratosphere on July 24th at 11 pm. It was Beazus’ birthday.

We were going to the nightclub Polly Esther’s. Alisa’s sister was in town for a few days. I invited Charisse. I told her to bring a friend if she wanted to. She was running late, as usual, since she had to pick up Victoria. Alisa had a friend who had a hookup with the club. Charisse told me she invited Joseph and he was going to be there soon. So, I thought we were going to get in for free and the wristband (for the $40 all you can drink for the whole night). Alisa met up with her friend (I forgot her name) and she had a friend with her. Alisa’s friend had a friend at the door so he waved us in. I told him my cousin Charisse and her friend were coming as well. He said it’s fine for her to come in for free. We went inside. I love the Brady Bunch display where you can be Alice in the middle square.

Alisa’s friend was talking to her friend about the wristbands. We went to get money for the wristbands since we would have to pay. We figured we’d get one $40 wristband and then just buy drinks for the other people. We go back inside the club. It turns out the wristband was going to be $20 each and we had to buy five of them since we told them how people we had in our party. Joseph (the guy who changed my tire) met us at the club with his friend. He was going to buy one wristband. I was a little peeved because I thought it would be free or we’d only have to buy one. The guy who was selling it was being a jerk. Alisa kept apologizing. I know it wasn’t her fault since she didn’t know. I was just mad at the situation. We find out that we only have to buy two wristbands since Joseph bought one. Alisa and I bought one. So, Charisse finally arrived with Victoria. We told them that we’d buy them drinks and they could just pay the tip for each drink. We were at the bar waiting to get served. The lady at the bar ignored us and kept helping all the men. I was mad. I said just coz we’re not a guy, this stupid lady (I know I said something more colorful haha) isn’t serving us right away. I was in a bad mood. It was great to finally have a drink. I got a Blue Hawaiian. I just needed to relax.

We danced a lot. It was a mix of pop, hip hop, 80’s and rock. The DJ was playing some good songs. Beazus met a cute guy and they were chatting all night. Victoria also met an Irish guy. It was a great night. Alisa, Charisse, Beazus and Victoria are all so fun. Alisa’s friend was so standoffish all night. She looked really manly in her shirt. Charisse had a hat on. Random people kept wearing her hat.

Charisse & an Australian guy wearing her hat

Charisse & an Australian guy wearing her hat

I kept trying to take the hat back. I was thinking I hope she doesn’t get lice. Hahaha. Charisse was trying to find Victoria outside of the club. Joseph and I went to meet her. We were thinking about getting some breakfast. It was 4 am in the morning. We went to the Stratosphere cafe. Thank goodness for 24 hour cafes. I invited Alisa and her sister to go. Beazus actually needed to get to the airport by 5 am. Charisse, Joseph and I went to the cafe. We were waiting for Victoria and the Irish guy to come. We weren’t sure if they would make it or not. We were just chatting and trying to decide what to order. Victoria and the Irish guy arrived. I ordered some pancakes and bacon. I was craving some bacon for some reason. We had a great time chatting about life. Joseph really likes to talk. He had some great, interesting stories to tell. The food was really good. I didn’t get home until 6 am.

I met up with my friend Robert on July 25th to have dinner and go watch a movie. I hadn’t seen him since October 2007. We met at the Cannery Casino & Hotel. We at the the Italian restaurant called Vino’s Ristorante and Deli. We chatted and got caught up with each other’s lives. We both ordered the Chicken Vesuvio. It was so tasty! We hurried to get our tickets for X-files: I Want to Believe. Originally, we were going to watch The Dark Knight at the Imax. But, I forgot to buy tickets early and the theatre was sold out. I liked the movie. It had a good plot and some action. I think I missed some stuff because I was confused on Mulder and Scully’s relationship. Robert thought there would be aliens. I wanted a spooky movie, but it was a little twisted.

I went to Alisa and Jay’s house for a BBQ on Sunday, July 26th. I got to meet Alisa’s dad and her parents-in-law. There was also her friends and Jay’s friends there. We were watching great shows on the Travel Channel. It reminded me how I’d love to see the Angel Falls sometime in Venezuela. The food was really good. There was a great 3 layer dip with chips. There was also beef ribs and burgers. I ate so much food. It’s great to hang out to chill and chat about life.